Thursday, June 30, 2016

Clifford Hayes & The Louisville Jug Bands - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 1 (1924-1926)

01-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Blue Devil Blues.mp3
02-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Jug Band Blues.mp3
03-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Jug Band Blues.mp3
04-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Don't You Quit Me Daddy.mp3
05-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-I Got The Crying Blues.mp3
06-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-I Ain't Got No Man.mp3
07-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Blues, Please Go Away.mp3
08-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Come Back Daddy And Ease My Aching Heart.mp3
09-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-I'm Gonna Be A Lovin' Old Soul.mp3
10-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Papa, Papa Blues.mp3
11-Whistler & His Jug Band-Chicago Flip.mp3
12-Whistler & His Jug Band-Jerry O' Mine.mp3
13-Whistler & His Jug Band-Jail House Blues.mp3
14-Whistler & His Jug Band-I'm A Jazz Baby.mp3
15-Old Southern Jug Band-Hatchet Head Blues.mp3
16-Old Southern Jug Band-Blues, Just Blues, That's All.mp3
17-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Louisville Bluezees.mp3
18-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Wakin' Up Blues.mp3
19-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-I Don't Want You Blues.mp3
20-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Get It Fixed Blues.mp3
21-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Mammy O' Mine Blues.mp3
22-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Struttin' The Blues.mp3
23-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Dancing Blues.mp3
24-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Boodle-Am-Shake.mp3


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