Monday, February 29, 2016

Masterly Texas Blues - CD A - 1953-1957 - Frankie Lee Sims

01-Lucy Mae Blues.mp3
02-Don't Take It Out On Me.mp3
03-Married Woman.mp3
04-Wine And Gin Bounce.mp3
05-Boogie Cross The Country.mp3
06-Jelly Roll Baker.mp3
07-I'm So Glad.mp3
08-Long Gone.mp3
09-Raggedy And Dirty.mp3
10-Yeh, Baby!.mp3
11-No Good Woman.mp3
12-Walking Boogie.mp3
13-Frankie's Blues.mp3
14-Cryin' Wont Help You.mp3
15-I Done Talked And I Done Talked.mp3
16-Lucy Mae Blues (Part 2).mp3
17-Rhumba My Boogie.mp3
18-I'll Get Along Somehow.mp3
19-Hawk Shuffle.mp3
20-Frankie Lee's 2 O'Clock Jump.mp3
21-What Will Lucy Do.mp3
22-Misery Blues.mp3
23-Hey Little Girl.mp3
24-Walking With Frankie.mp3
25-My Talk Didn't Do No Good.mp3
26-I Warned You Baby.mp3
27-She Likes To Boogie Real Low.mp3
28-Well Goodbye Baby.mp3
29-How Long.mp3

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Masterly Texas Blues - CD B - 1949-1955 - Mercy Dee Walton

01-G.I. Fever (Baba-Du-Lay-Fever).mp3
02-Lonesome Cabin Blues.mp3
03-Evil And Hanky.mp3
04-Travelin' Alone Blues.mp3
05-Homely Baby.mp3
06-Empty Life.mp3
07-Please Understand (It's All Over).mp3
08-Bird Brain Baby.mp3
09-Big Foot Country.mp3
10-Danger Zone (Crepe On Your Door).mp3
11-Roamin' Blues.mp3
12-Straight And Narrow.mp3
13-Bought Love.mp3
14-Old Fashioned Ways.mp3
15-Happy Bachelor.mp3
16-Pay Off (Anything In The World).mp3
17-One Room Country Shack.mp3
18-My Woman Knows The Score.mp3
19-Rent Man Blues.mp3
20-Fall Guy.mp3
21-Get To Gettin'.mp3
22-Dark Muddy Bottom.mp3
23-Trailing My Baby.mp3
24-The Main Event.mp3
25-Romp & Stomp Blues.mp3
26-Oh Oh Please.mp3
27-Come Back Maybellene.mp3
28-Have You Ever.mp3
29-Stubborn Woman.mp3

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bernie Leighton, Piano - East Side Rendezvous

01-East Side Rendezvous Part 1 (Medley).mp3
02-East Side Rendezvous Part 2 (Medley).mp3

Friday, February 26, 2016

Bernie Leighton at the piano - Dizzy Fingers

01-Dizzy Fingers.mp3
02-Doll Dance.mp3
03-12th St. Rag.mp3
05-Kitten On The Keys.mp3
06-Somebody Stole My Gal.mp3
07-Maple Leaf Rag.mp3
09-The Darktown Strutters' Ball.mp3
10-St. Louis Blues.mp3
11-Canadian Capers.mp3
12-Take Me Out To The Ball Game.mp3

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cliff ''Ukulele Ike'' Edwards - Singing in the Rain

01-Singin' in the Rain.mp3
02-The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.mp3
03-For Me and My Gal.mp3
05-Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight.mp3
07-Minnie, My Mountain Moocher.mp3
08-Sweet Leilani.mp3
09-Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3
10-The Man on the Flying Trapeze.mp3
12-Paper Doll.mp3
13-I'll Buy the Ring and Change Your Name to Mine.mp3
14-Yes Sir, That's My Baby.mp3
15-A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody.mp3
16-It All Belongs to Me.mp3
17-In the Gloaming.mp3
18-I Can't Get the One I Want.mp3
19-True Blue Lou.mp3
20-Hang on to Me.mp3
21-Soft Lights and Sweet Music.mp3
22-Paddlin' Madelin' Home.mp3
23-My Melancholy Baby.mp3
24-I Used To Love You (But It's All Over Now).mp3
25-If I Had You.mp3
26-What a Night for Spoonin'.mp3
27-Good Little, Bad Little You.mp3
28-A Song of Old Hawaii.mp3
29-When You and I Were Young, Maggie.mp3
30-I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
31-Over the Rainbow.mp3
32-St. Louis Blues.mp3

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Buddy Greco - Songs For Swinging Losers

01-A Swinging Loser.mp3
02-Something I Dreamed Last Night.mp3
03-The Masquerade Is Over.mp3
04-I'm Lost.mp3
05-These Foolish Things.mp3
06-Blame It On My Youth.mp3
07-By Myself.mp3
08-That Old Feeling.mp3
09-Don't Worry 'Bout Me.mp3
10-You Don't Know What Love Is.mp3
11-I Miss You So.mp3
12-I Got It Bad.mp3

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brother Bones & His Shadows - Globetrottin' With Bones

01-Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
03-Red Wing.mp3
05-China Town.mp3
06-Doll Dance.mp3
08-Jive Melody.mp3
10-Jingle Jangle Jingle.mp3
11-Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue.mp3
13-Listen To The Mockingbird.mp3
15-Poor Butterfly.mp3
16-How Am I To Know.mp3

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Astrud Gilberto Album - The Silver Collection

01-Once I Loved.mp3
02-Aqua De Beber.mp3
04-And Roses And Roses.mp3
05-O Morro (Nao Tem Vez).mp3
06-How Insensitive.mp3
10-So Finha De Ser Com Voce.mp3
11-All That's Left Is To Say Goodbye.mp3
12-The Shadow Of Your Smile.mp3
14-Manha De Carnaval.mp3
15-Fly Me To The Moon.mp3
16-The Gentle Rain.mp3
17-Non-Stop To Brazil.mp3
18-O Ganso.mp3
19-Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me).mp3
20-Day By Day.mp3
22-Funny World.mp3
23-So Nice (Summer Samba).mp3
24-Let Go (Canto De Ossanho).mp3

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Reefer Blues - Vintage Songs About Marijuana - Vol. 1

01-Buster Bailey's Rhythm Busters-Light Up.mp3
02-The Harlem Hamfats Featuring Rosetta Howard-If You're A Viper.mp3
03-Cab Calloway & His Orchestra-Man From Harlem.mp3
04-Trixie Smith-Jack, I'm Mellow.mp3
05-Buck Washington-Save The Roach For Me.mp3
06-Don Redman & His Orchestra-Reefer Man.mp3
07-Barney Bigard Sextet-Sweet Marijuana Brown.mp3
08-Sidney Bechet With Noble Sissles Swingsters-Viper Mad.mp3
09-Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys-Here Comes The Man With The Jive.mp3
10-Lil Johnson-Mellow Stuff.mp3
11-Georgia White-The Stuff Is Here.mp3
12-Cab Calloway & His Cotton Club Orchestra-Minnie The Moocher.mp3
13-Ella Fitzgerald With Chick Webb & His Orchestra-When I Get Low, I Get High.mp3
14-Lil Green-Knockin' Myself Out.mp3
15-Fats Waller-If You're A Viper.mp3
16-Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy-All The Jive Is Gone.mp3

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Reefer Blues - Vintage Songs About Marijuana - Vol. 2

01-The Cats & The Fiddle-Killin' Jive.mp3
02-Baron Lee & The Blue Rhythm Band-Reefer Man.mp3
03-Cab Calloway & His Orchestra-Are You Hep To The Jive.mp3
04-Fats Waller-Viper's Drag.mp3
05-The Harlem Hamfats-Weed Smokers Dream (Why Don't You Do Now).mp3
06-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Selling That Stuff.mp3
07-Blue Steele & His Orchestra-All Muggled Up.mp3
08-Bob Howard & His Boys-If You're A Viper (The Reefer Song).mp3
09-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Texas Tea Party.mp3
10-Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends-Lotus Blossom.mp3
11-Cleo Brown-The Stuff Is Here And It's Mellow.mp3
12-Gene Krupa & His Orchestra-Feelin' High And Happy.mp3
13-Django Reinhardt, St‚phane Grappelli & The Quintette Of The Hot Club Of France-Viper's Dream.mp3
14-Mezz Mezzrow & His Orchestra-Sendin' The Vipers.mp3
15-Lucille Bogan-Pot Hound Blues.mp3
16-Larry Adler-Smoking Reefers.mp3
17-Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra-My Blue Heaven.mp3
18-Cee Pee Johnson & Band-The G Man Got The T Man.mp3

Friday, February 19, 2016

Reefer Blues - Vintage Songs About Marijuana - Vol. 3

01-Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends-The Spinach Song (I Didn't Like It The First Time).mp3
02-Cow Cow Davenport-The Mess Is Here.mp3
03-Jazz Gillum & His Jazz Boys-Reefer Head Woman.mp3
04-Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys-You'se A Viper.mp3
05-Richard M. Jones & His Jazz Wizards-Blue Reefer Blues.mp3
06-Tampa Red & The Chicago Five-I'm Gonna Get High.mp3
07-Sammy Price & his Texas Blusicians-Do You Dig My Jive.mp3
08-Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra-Muggles.mp3
09-Cab Calloway & His Cotton Club Orchestra-Reefer Man.mp3
10-Slim & Slam-Dopey Joe.mp3
11-Adrian Rollini & His Tap Room Gang-Got A Need For You.mp3
12-Willie Bryant & His Orchestra-A Viper's Moan.mp3
13-Bea Foote-Weed.mp3
14-Don Redman & His Orchestra-Chant Of The Weed.mp3
15-Floyd Ray & His Orchestra-Three O'Clock In The Morning.mp3
16-Yack Taylor-Knockin' Myself Out.mp3
17-Cootie Wiliams & His Rug Cutters-Ol' Man River (Smoke A Little Tea).mp3
18-Hazel Meyers-Pipe Dream Blues.mp3

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pud Brown Plays Clarinet

01-Johnson Rag Blues.mp3
02-Bees Knees.mp3
03-I Just Called To Say I Love You.mp3
04-Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
05-Down In Honky Tonk Town.mp3
06-Some Of These Days.mp3
07-Memories Of You.mp3
08-Somebody Else Is Taking My Place.mp3
09-Second Line.mp3
10-Yellow Dog Blues.mp3
11-Mama Inez.mp3
12-Tin Roof Blues.mp3
13-Riverboat Shuffle.mp3

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rare Country Blues Vol. 1 1928-1937

01-Seth Richard-Lonely Seth Blues.mp3
02-Seth Richard-Skoodeldum Doo.mp3
03-Charlie Kyle-Kyle's Worried Blues.mp3
04-Charlie Kyle-Monkey Man Blues.mp3
05-Charlie Kyle-Walking Blues.mp3
06-Charlie Kyle-No Baby.mp3
07-Freezone-Indian Squaw Blues.mp3
08-Willie Harris-West Side Blues.mp3
09-Willie Harris-What Makes A Tom Cat Blue.mp3
10-Willie Harris-Lonesome Midnight Dream.mp3
11-Willie Harris-Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door.mp3
12-Leola Manning-He Cares For Me.mp3
13-Leola Manning-He Fans Me.mp3
14-Leola Manning-The Arcade Building Moan.mp3
15-Leola Manning-Satan Is Busy In Knoxville.mp3
16-Leola Manning-Laying In The Graveyard.mp3
17-Leola Manning-The Blues Is All Wrong.mp3
18-Tommy Settlers And His Blue Moaner-Low Down Blues Moan - Part I.mp3
19-Tommy Settlers And His Blue Moaner-Low Down Blues Moan - Part II.mp3
20-Tommy Settlers And His Blue Moaner-Shaking Weed Blues.mp3
21-Tommy Settlers And His Blue Moaner-Big Bed Bug (Bed Bug Blues).mp3
22-Tommy Settlers With Ezekiel Lowe And Lee Bunkley-Pearlie Mae Blues.mp3
23-Tommy Settlers With Ezekiel Lowe And Lee Bunkley-Don't Want You No More.mp3
24-Jazzbo Tommy And His Lowlanders-You Don't Mean Me No Good.mp3
25-Jazzbo Tommy And His Lowlanders-Blaze Face Cow.mp3

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rare Country Blues Vol. 2 1929-1943

01-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-That White Mule Of Sin.mp3
02-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-The Heavenly Airplane.mp3
03-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Narrow Face Blues.mp3
04-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Wasn't It Sad About Lemon.mp3
05-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Insurance Man Blues.mp3
06-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Overall Cheater Blues.mp3
07-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Disconnected Mama.mp3
08-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Billy Goat Blues.mp3
09-John Byrd & Washboard Walter-Old Timbrook Blues.mp3
10-Walter Taylor-Thirty-Eight And Plus.mp3
11-Walter Taylor-Deal Rag.mp3
12-Walter Taylor-Corrine Corrine.mp3
13-Walter Taylor-Yo-Yo Blues.mp3
14-Walter Taylor-Broadcasting Blues.mp3
15-Walter Taylor-You Rascal, You.mp3
16-Walter Taylor-Diamond Ring Blues.mp3
17-Walter Taylor-Coal Camp Blues.mp3
18-Walter Taylor-Do You Love Me Blues.mp3
19-Bob Campbell-Dice's Blues.mp3
20-Bob Campbell-Shotgun Blues.mp3
21-Bob Campbell-Starvation Farm Blues.mp3
22-Bob Campbell-Worried All The Time.mp3
23-Skoodle Dum Doo & Sheffield-Tampa Blues.mp3
24-Skoodle Dum Doo & Sheffield-Gas Ration Blues.mp3
25-Skoodle Dum Doo & Sheffield-Broome Street Blues.mp3
26-Skoodle Dum Doo & Sheffield-West Kinney Street Blues.mp3

Monday, February 15, 2016

Rare Country Blues Vol. 3 1928-1936

01-Kid Cole-Sixth Street Moan.mp3
02-Kid Cole-Hey Hey Mama Blues.mp3
03-Kid Cole-Hard Hearted Mama Blues.mp3
04-Kid Cole-Niagra Falls Blues.mp3
05-Cincinnati Jug Band-Newport Blues.mp3
06-Cincinnati Jug Band-George St. Stomp.mp3
07-Bob Coleman & Cincinnati Jug Band-Tear It Down.mp3
08-Bob Coleman & Cincinnati Jug Band-Cincinnati Underworld Woman.mp3
09-Bob Coleman-Sing Song Blues.mp3
10-Walter Coleman-I'm Going To Cincinnati.mp3
11-Walter Coleman-Greyhound Blues.mp3
12-Walter Coleman-Mama Let Me Lay It On You.mp3
13-Walter Coleman-Smack That Thing.mp3
14-Walter Coleman-Mama Let Me Lay It On You.mp3
15-Walter Coleman-Carry Your Good Stuff Home.mp3
16-Billy Bird-Mill Man Blues.mp3
17-Billy Bird-Down In The Cemetary.mp3
18-Billy Bird-Alabama Blues, Pt. 1.mp3
19-Billy Bird-Alabama Blues, Pt. 2.mp3
20-Too Tight Henry-Charleston Contest, Pt. 1.mp3
21-Too Tight Henry-Charleston Contest, Pt. 2.mp3
22-Too Tight Henry-Squinch Owl Moan.mp3
23-Too Tight Henry-The Way I Do.mp3

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rare Country Blues Vol. 4 1929-1953

01-Papa Egg Shell-I'm Goin' Up The Country - Part 1.mp3
02-Papa Egg Shell-I'm Goin' Up The Country - Part 2.mp3
03-Papa Egg Shell-Whole Soul Blues.mp3
04-Papa Egg Shell-Far From Home.mp3
05-Troy Ferguson-College Blues.mp3
06-Troy Ferguson-Mama, You Gotta Get It Fixed.mp3
07-Troy Ferguson-You Better Keep It At Home.mp3
08-Pere Dickson-Red Hot Papa.mp3
09-Pere Dickson-Get Away From My Window.mp3
10-Archie Lewis-Miss Handy Hanks.mp3
11-Willie Bee-Ramblin' Mind Blues.mp3
12-Willie Bee-Can't Control My Mind.mp3
13-Frank Tannehill-Steel Mill Blues.mp3
14-Frank Tannehill-I.G.N. Blues.mp3
15-Frank Tannehill-Door Bell Blues.mp3
16-Frank Tannehill-Do Right Blues.mp3
17-Frank Tannehill-Warehouse Blues.mp3
18-Frank Tannehill-Parted Down Blues.mp3
19-Frank Tannehill-Little Mae.mp3
20-Frank Tannehill-Rolling Stone Blues.mp3
21-Frank Tannehill-Sweet Jelly Roll.mp3
22-Frank Tannehill-Four O'Clock Morning Blues.mp3
23-Robert Lee Westmoreland-Hello Central, Give Me 209.mp3
24-Robert Lee Westmoreland-Good Looking Woman Blues.mp3

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Phil Harris - His Original & Greatest Hits

01-Woodman, Woodman Spare That Tree.mp3
02-The Darktown Poker Club.mp3
03-Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette).mp3
04-The Crawdad Song.mp3
05-I'm A Ding Dong Daddy.mp3
06-Old Time Religion.mp3
07-Minnie The Mermaid.mp3
08-Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens.mp3
09-Deck Of Cards.mp3
10-I'm My Own Grandpa.mp3
11-Now You've Gone And Hurt My Southern Pride.mp3
12-Loaded Pistols, Loaded Dice.mp3
13-Pray For The Lights To Go Out.mp3
14-I'm So Right Tonight.mp3
15-That's What I Like About The South.mp3
16-The Thing.mp3
18-The Preacher And The Bear.mp3
19-The Possum Song.mp3
20-Never Trust A Woman.mp3
21-Where Does It Get You In The End.mp3
22-44 Sycamore.mp3
23-It's A Good Day.mp3
24-If You're Ever Down In Texas, Look Me Up.mp3

Friday, February 12, 2016

Sly And Robbie Present The Best Of Johnny Clarke

01-Ride On Girl.mp3
02-We A Africa.mp3
03-Love Me Forever.mp3
04-Going To A Ball.mp3
05-Play Play Girl.mp3
06-I'll Never Fall In Love Again.mp3
07-It's A Disgrace.mp3
08-Dread Rastafari.mp3
09-Holy Children.mp3
10-Nobodys Business.mp3
11-Ten To One.mp3

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Modern Jazz Quartet - Lonely Woman

01-Lonely Woman.mp3
02-Animal Dance.mp3
03-New York 19.mp3
05-Why Are You Blue.mp3
07-Lamb, Leopard (If I Were Eve).mp3

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Smokey Hogg - Shake A Leg

01-Penitentiary Blues, Pt.1.mp3.mp3
02-I Love You Baby, Pt.1.mp3.mp3
03-When I've Been Drinking.mp3.mp3
04-Shake A Leg.mp3.mp3
05-Saved All My Money.mp3.mp3
06-Dark Clouds.mp3.mp3
07-I'm Leavin'.mp3.mp3
08-What You Gonna Do.mp3.mp3
09-That's My Baby.mp3.mp3
10-Why Should I Worry.mp3.mp3
11-I'm So Lonely.mp3.mp3
12-Let's Go Back To The Country.mp3.mp3
13-Hello Baby.mp3.mp3
14-You Won't Stay Home.mp3.mp3
15-I'm In Love With You.mp3.mp3
16-What In The World Am I Gonna Do.mp3.mp3
17-I Declare.mp3.mp3
18-I Love You Baby, Pt. 2.mp3.mp3
19-Penitentiary Blues, Pt. 2.mp3.mp3

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Men At Work - Cargo

01-Dr. Heckyll And Mr. Jive.mp3
03-Settle Down My Boy.mp3
04-Upstairs In My House.mp3
05-No Sign Of Yesterday.mp3
06-It's A Mistake.mp3
07-High Wire.mp3
08-Blue For You.mp3
09-I Like To.mp3
10-No Restrictions.mp3
12-Till The Money Runs Out.mp3
13-Upstairs In My House (Live).mp3
14-Fallin' Down (Live).mp3
15-The Longest Night (Live).mp3

Monday, February 8, 2016

Men At Work - Business As Usual

01-Who Can It Be Now.mp3
02-I Can See It In Your Eyes.mp3
03-Down Under.mp3
05-Helpless Automation.mp3
06-People Just Love To Play With Words.mp3
07-Be Good Johnny.mp3
08-Touching The Untouchables.mp3
09-Catch A Star.mp3
10-Down By The Sea.mp3
11-Crazy (Non LP B-Side).mp3
12-Underground (Live).mp3
13-Who Can It Be Now (Live).mp3
14-F-19 (Non LP B-Side).mp3

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stone Age Woo - The Zorch Sounds Of Nervous Norvus

03-Ape Call.mp3
04-Wild Dogs Of Kentucky.mp3
05-The Fang.mp3
06-Bullfrog Hop.mp3
07-Stoneage Woo.mp3
08-I Like Girls.mp3
09-Does A Chicken Have A Pigtail.mp3
10-Noon Balloon To Rangoon.mp3
11-Kibble Kibble (The Flying Saucer Song).mp3
12-The Lean Green Vegetable Fiend (From 'Tuther Side Of The Moon).mp3
13-Little Cowboy.mp3
14-The Blackout Song.mp3
15-Kangaroo Hop (Partial).mp3
16-I Listen To Red In Bed.mp3
17-Sparks (#1).mp3
18-I Hate Bugs.mp3
19-The Clock Shop (#1).mp3
20-I'm Waitin' Up For Santa Claus.mp3
21-Boris The Blue Nosed Baboon.mp3
22-When I Hear The Honkin' Of The Diesel Train.mp3
23-Ape Call (No Ape).mp3
24-The Bully Bully Man.mp3
25-Elvis You're A G.I. Now.mp3
26-Stop Your Foolin'.mp3
28-I'm Comin' Home My Baby.mp3
29-The New Beat And Step.mp3
30-The Clock Shop (#2).mp3
31-The Evil Hurricane.mp3
32-The Plaster Song.mp3
33-Sparks (#2).mp3

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Johnny Clarke - Dreader Dread - 1976-1978

01-Top Ranking (I'm The Toughest).mp3
02-In The Roots Of The Ghetto.mp3
03-Live Up Jah Man.mp3
04-Love Up Your Brothers And Sisters [Extended].mp3
05-African People.mp3
06-Dread A Dread.mp3
07-Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked.mp3
08-African Roots [Extended].mp3
09-Roots, Natty Roots, Natty Congo.mp3
10-Every Knee Shall Bow [Extended].mp3
11-Play Fool Fe Get Wise [Extended].mp3
12-Age Is Growing.mp3
13-Time Will Tell.mp3


Friday, February 5, 2016

Jimmy Rushing - Goin' To Chicago

01-How Long.mp3
02-Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong).mp3
03-How You Want Your Lovin' Done.mp3
04-Goin' To Chicago.mp3
05-I Want A Little Girl.mp3
06-Sent For You Yesterday.mp3
07-Leave Me.mp3
08-Clothes Pin Blues (Bonus Tracks).mp3
09-My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Bonus Tracks).mp3
10-I'm Tired Of Waiting For You (Bonus Tracks).mp3
11-Take Me Back, Baby (Bonus Tracks).mp3

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jimmy Rushing With Pete Johnson And Band - Listen To The Blues

01-See See Rider.mp3
02-It's Hard To Laugh Or Smile.mp3
03-Everyday I Have The Blues.mp3
05-Good Morning Blues.mp3
06-Roll' Em Pete.mp3
07-Don't Cry Baby.mp3
08-Take Me Back, Baby.mp3
09-Rock And Roll.mp3
10-Just Because (Bonus Tracks).mp3
11-Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do (Bonus Tracks).mp3

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Best Of Cliff 'Ukulele Ike' Edwards

01-Singin' In The Rain.mp3
02-Hard Hearted Hannah.mp3
03-Who Takes Care Of The Caretaker's Daughter.mp3
04-It's An Old Southern Custom.mp3
05-It's Only A Paper Moon.mp3
06-Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky.mp3
07-Mary Ann.mp3
08-Somebody Loves Me.mp3
09-Oh Lady Be Good.mp3
10-My Dog Loves Your Dog.mp3
11-It Had To Be You; Paddlin' Madeline Home.mp3
13-That's My Weakness Now.mp3
14-The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful.mp3
16-When You Wish Upon A Star.mp3
17-I'm Tellin' The Birds, I'm Tellin' The Bees.mp3
18-Anything You Say.mp3
20-Fascinating Rhythm.mp3
21-Give A Little Whistle.mp3
22-Half Way To Heaven.mp3
23-I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
24-I'll See You In My Dreams.mp3
25-I'm Going To Give It To Mary With Love.mp3

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Vintage Recordings of Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike)

02-I Want Somebody To Cheer Me Up.mp3
03-I'm Crying 'Cause I Know I'm Losing You.mp3
04-Half-Way To Heaven.mp3
05-That's My Weakness Now.mp3
07-I Can't Make Her Happy That Old Girl Of Mine.mp3
08-It Goes Like This That Funny Melody.mp3
09-Good Little Bad Little You.mp3
10-My Old Girl's My New Girl Now.mp3
11-Singin' In The Rain.mp3
12-I'll See You In My Dreams.mp3
13-Hush My Mouth If I Ain't Goin' South.mp3
14-Love Is Just Around The Corner.mp3
15-One Little Kiss.mp3
16-Somebody Loves Me.mp3
17-It Had To Be You.mp3
18-A Love Like Ours.mp3
19-Hold On To Your Heart.mp3
20-My Melancholy Baby.mp3

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) - I'm A Bear In A Lady's Boudoir

01-I'm A Bear In A Ladies Boudoir.mp3
02-Hard Hearted Hannah.mp3
03-For No Good Reason At All.mp3
04-I'll See You In My Dreams.mp3
05-Charley,My Boy!.mp3
06-Who's The Meanest Gal In Town,Josephine.mp3
07-Stack O'Lee Part 1.mp3
08-Stack O'Lee Part 2.mp3
09-Insufficient Sweetie.mp3
10-Alabamy Bound.mp3
11-It Had To Be You.mp3
12-I Want To Walk In Again Blues.mp3
14-I'm Going To Give It To Mary With Love.mp3