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Clifford Hayes & The Louisville Jug Bands - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 1 (1924-1926)

01-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Blue Devil Blues.mp3
02-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Jug Band Blues.mp3
03-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Jug Band Blues.mp3
04-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Don't You Quit Me Daddy.mp3
05-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-I Got The Crying Blues.mp3
06-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-I Ain't Got No Man.mp3
07-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Blues, Please Go Away.mp3
08-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Come Back Daddy And Ease My Aching Heart.mp3
09-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-I'm Gonna Be A Lovin' Old Soul.mp3
10-Sara Martin & Her Jug Band-Papa, Papa Blues.mp3
11-Whistler & His Jug Band-Chicago Flip.mp3
12-Whistler & His Jug Band-Jerry O' Mine.mp3
13-Whistler & His Jug Band-Jail House Blues.mp3
14-Whistler & His Jug Band-I'm A Jazz Baby.mp3
15-Old Southern Jug Band-Hatchet Head Blues.mp3
16-Old Southern Jug Band-Blues, Just Blues, That's All.mp3
17-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Louisville Bluezees.mp3
18-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Wakin' Up Blues.mp3
19-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-I Don't Want You Blues.mp3
20-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Get It Fixed Blues.mp3
21-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Mammy O' Mine Blues.mp3
22-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Struttin' The Blues.mp3
23-Clifford's Louisville Jug Band-Dancing Blues.mp3
24-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Boodle-Am-Shake.mp3

Clifford Hayes & The Louisville Jug Bands - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Vol. 2 (1926-1927)

01-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Boodle-Am-Shake.mp3
02-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Florida Blues.mp3
03-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Don't You Give All My Lard Away.mp3
04-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Banjoreno.mp3
05-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Skip, Skat, Doodle-Do.mp3
06-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Louisville Stomp.mp3
07-Dixieland Jug Blowers-House Rent Rag.mp3
08-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Memphis Shake.mp3
09-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Carpet Alley Breakdown.mp3
10-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Carpet Alley Breakdown.mp3
11-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Hen Party Blues.mp3
12-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Hen Party Blues.mp3
13-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-She's In The Graveyard Now.mp3
14-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-Casey Bill.mp3
15-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-Louisville Special.mp3
16-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-Rocking Chair Blues.mp3
17-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-Mama's Little Sunny Boy.mp3
18-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-She Won't Quit But She'll Slow Down.mp3
19-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-Under The Chicken Tree.mp3
20-Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band-Melody March Call.mp3
21-Whistler & His Jug Band-Low Down Blues.mp3
22-Whistler & His Jug Band-The Vamps Of ''28''.mp3
23-Whistler & His Jug Band-The Jug Band Special.mp3
24-Whistler & His Jug Band-Pig Meat Blues.mp3

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Clifford Hayes & The Louisville Jug Bands - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 3 - 1927-1929

01-Dixieland Jug Blowers-National Blues.mp3
02-Dixieland Jug Blowers-National Blues.mp3
03-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Southern Shout.mp3
04-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Garden Of Joy Blues.mp3
05-Dixieland Jug Blowers-You'd Better Leave Me Alone, Sweet Papa.mp3
06-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Only Mother Cares For Me.mp3
07-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Love Blues.mp3
08-Dixieland Jug Blowers-I Never Did Want You.mp3
09-Dixieland Jug Blowers-If You Can't Make It Easy, Sweet Mama.mp3
10-Dixieland Jug Blowers-When I'd Stop Runnin', I Was At Home.mp3
11-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Blue Guitar Stomp.mp3
12-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Bye Bye Blues.mp3
13-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Blue Harmony.mp3
14-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-The Petter's Stomp.mp3
15-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Blue Trombone Stomp.mp3
16-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Clef Club Stomp.mp3
17-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Barefoot Stomp.mp3
18-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Automobile Blues.mp3
19-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Frog Hop.mp3
20-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Dance Hall Shuffle.mp3
21-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Shoe-String-Stomp.mp3
22-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Everybody Wants My Tootelum.mp3
23-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Hey! Am I Blue.mp3
24-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-Shady Lane Blues.mp3

Clifford Hayes & The Louisville Jug Bands - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Vol. 4 - 1929-1931

01-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-You're Ticklin' Me.mp3
02-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-You're Ticklin' Me.mp3
03-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-You Gonna Need My Help.mp3
04-Kentucky Jazz Babies-Old Folks Shake.mp3
05-Kentucky Jazz Babies-No More Blues.mp3
06-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Soldier Boy Blues.mp3
07-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-That's A Lovely Thing For You.mp3
08 - sing, you sinners - phillips' louisville jug band.mp3
09-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Tiger Rag.mp3
10-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Walkin' Cane Stomp.mp3
11-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Hard Hustlin' Blues.mp3
12-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Smackin' The Sax.mp3
13-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-That's Your Last.mp3
14-Kid Coley-Clair And Pearley Blues.mp3
15-Kid Coley-Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More.mp3
16-Kid Coley-Freight Train Blues.mp3
17-Whistler & His Jug Band-Foldin' Bed.mp3
18-Whistler & His Jug Band-Hold That Tiger.mp3
19-Kid Coley-War Dream Blues.mp3
20-Jimmie Rodgers-My Good Gal's Gone Blues.mp3
21-Jimmie Rodgers-My Good Gal's Gone Blues.mp3
22-Ben Ferguson-Please Don't Holler, Mama.mp3
23-Ben Ferguson-Try And Treat Her Right.mp3
24-John Harris-Prowling Wolf Blues.mp3
25-John Harris-Glad And Sorry Blues.mp3

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Ishman Bracey & Charley Taylor - 1928-1929 - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order

01-Ishman Bracey-Stranger Blues (Rosie Mae Moore, vcl).mp3
02-Ishman Bracey-Saturday Blues.mp3
03-Ishman Bracey-Left Alone Blues.mp3
04-Ishman Bracey-Leavin' Town Blues.mp3
05-Ishman Bracey-Leavin' Town Blues.mp3
06-Ishman Bracey-Brown Mama Blues.mp3
07-Ishman Bracey-Brown Mama Blues.mp3
08-Ishman Bracey-Trouble Hearted Blues.mp3
09-Ishman Bracey-Trouble Hearted Blues.mp3
10-Ishman Bracey-The Four Day Blues.mp3
11-Ishman Bracey-The Four Day Blues.mp3
12-Ishman Bracey-Jake Liquor Blues.mp3
13-Ishman Bracey-Family Stirving.mp3
14-Ishman Bracey-Mobile Stomp (New Orleans Nehi Boys).mp3
15-Ishman Bracey-Farish Street Rag (New Orleans Nehi Boys).mp3
16-Ishman Bracey-Woman Woman Blues.mp3
17-Ishman Bracey-Suitcase Full Of Blues.mp3
18-Ishman Bracey-Bust Up Blues.mp3
19-Ishman Bracey-Pay Me No Mind.mp3
20-Charley Taylor-Heavy Suitcase Blues.mp3
21-Charley Taylor-Louisiana Bound.mp3
22-Charley Taylor-Too Damp To Be Wet (Taylor & Bracey).mp3
23-Charley Taylor-Where My Shoes At (Taylor & Bracey).mp3

Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - 1924-1930 - Tug Washboard Band - 1928

01-Stovepipe No. 1-Lord, Don't You Know I Have No Friend Like You.mp3
02-Stovepipe No. 1-I've Got Salvation In My Heart.mp3
03-Stovepipe No. 1-Lonesome John.mp3
04-Stovepipe No. 1-Cripple Creek And Sourwood Mountain.mp3
05-Stovepipe No. 1-Turkey In The Straw.mp3
06-Stovepipe No. 1-Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3
07-Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett-Court Street Blues.mp3
08-Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett-A Woman Gets Tired Of The Same Man All The Time.mp3
09-Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett-A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around.mp3
10-Stovepipe No. 1 & David Crockett-Bed Slats.mp3
11-King David's Jug Band-What's That Tastes Like Gravy.mp3
12-King David's Jug Band-Rising Sun Blues.mp3
13-King David's Jug Band-Sweet Potato Blues.mp3
14-King David's Jug Band-Tear It Down.mp3
15-King David's Jug Band-I Can Deal Worry.mp3
16-King David's Jug Band-Georgia Bo Bo.mp3
17-Tub Jug Washbord Band-Washboard Rag.mp3
18-Tub Jug Washbord Band-Lady Quit Her Husband Unexpectedly.mp3
19-Tub Jug Washbord Band-Tub-Jug Rag.mp3
20-Tub Jug Washbord Band-San.mp3

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Peg Leg Howell & Eddie Anthony - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Vo1. 1 - 8 November 1926 to 13 August 1928

01-Peg Leg Howell-Coal Man Blues.mp3
02-Peg Leg Howell-Tishamingo Blues.mp3
03-Peg Leg Howell-New Prison Blues.mp3
04-Peg Leg Howell-Fo' Day Blues.mp3
05-Peg Leg Howell-New Jelly Roll Blues.mp3
06-Peg Leg Howell-Beaver Slide Rag.mp3
07-Peg Leg Howell-Papa Stobb Blues.mp3
08-Peg Leg Howell-Sadie Lee Blues.mp3
09-Peg Leg Howell-Too Tight Blues.mp3
10-Peg Leg Howell-Moanin' And Groanin' Blues.mp3
11-Peg Leg Howell-Hobo Blues.mp3
12-Peg Leg Howell-Peg Leg Stomp.mp3
13-Peg Leg Howell-Doin' Wrong.mp3
14-Peg Leg Howell-Skin Game Blues.mp3
15-Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony-Georgia Crawl.mp3
16-Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony-Lonesome Blues.mp3
17-Peg Leg Howell-Please Ma'am.mp3
18-Peg Leg Howell-Rock And Gravel Blues.mp3
19-Peg Leg Howell-Low-Down Rounder Blues.mp3
20-Peg Leg Howell-Fairy Blues.mp3
21-''Sloppy'' Henry-Canned Heat Blues.mp3
22-''Sloppy'' Henry-Say I Do It.mp3

Peg Leg Howell & Eddie Anthony - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 - 13 August 1928 to 9 December 1930

01-''Sloppy Henry''-Long, Tall, Disconnected Mama.mp3
02-''Sloppy Henry''-Palm Special Blues.mp3
03-Peg Leg Howell-Banjo Blues.mp3
04-Peg Leg Howell-Turkey Buzzard Blues.mp3
05-Peg Leg Howell-Turtle Dove Blues.mp3
06-Peg Leg Howell-Walkin' Blues.mp3
07-Tampa Joe and Macon Ed-Wringing That Thing.mp3
08-Tampa Joe and Macon Ed-Worrying Blues.mp3
09-Peg Leg Howell-Broke and Hungry Blues.mp3
10-Peg Leg Howell-Rolling Mill Blues.mp3
11-Peg Leg Howell-Ball and Chain Blues.mp3
12-Peg Leg Howell-Monkey Man Blues.mp3
13-Peg Leg Howell-Chittlin' Supper.mp3
14-Peg Leg Howell-Away from Home.mp3
15-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Everything's Coming My Way.mp3
16-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Mean Florida Blues.mp3
17-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Try That Thing.mp3
18-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Tickle Britches.mp3
19-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Tantalizing Bootblack.mp3
20-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Warm Wipe Stomp.mp3
21-Brothers Wright and Williams-I'll Play My Harp In Beulah Land.mp3

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Male Blues Of The Twenties - Volume 1 - 1922-1930

01-John P. Vigal-Fowler Twist.mp3
02-Reese Du Pree-Long Ago Blues.mp3
03-Reese Du Pree-O Saroo Saroo.mp3
04-Reese Du Pree-Norfolk Blues.mp3
05-Reese Du Pree-One More Rounder Gone.mp3
06-Billy Higgins-Levee Blues.mp3
07-Billy Higgins-I'm Tired Of Beggin You To Treat Me Right.mp3
08-Blind Richard Yates-I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away.mp3
09-Blind Richard Yates-Sore Bunion Blues.mp3
10-Blind Richard Yates-Sore Bunion Blues.mp3
11-Blind Richard Yates-I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away.mp3
12-Happy Holmes-Solid Ground.mp3
13-Happy Holmes-When Folks Stop Talkin' And Walkin'.mp3
14-James Crawford-Flood And Thunder Blues.mp3
15-James Crawford-Unhappy Blues.mp3
16-Sloppy Henry-Hobo Blues.mp3
17-Sloppy Henry-The Best Cheap Car In The Market Is A Ford.mp3
18-Sloppy Henry-Jomo Man Blues.mp3
19-Sloppy Henry-Some Sweet Rainy Day.mp3
20-Oliver Cobb-The Duck's Yas Yas Yas.mp3
21-Oliver Cobb-Hot Stuff.mp3
22-Oliver Cobb-Cornet Pleading Blues - Pt 2.mp3
23-Oliver Cobb-Cornet Pleading Blues - Pt 1.mp3
24-Willie Dukes-Snake Hip Twirl.mp3
25-Willie Dukes-Homeward Bound.mp3
26-Willie Dukes-Sweet Poplar Bluff Blues.mp3

Male Blues Of The Twenties - Volume 2 (1923-1928)

01-Jesse Crump-Mr. Crump Rag.mp3
02-Jesse Crump-Golden West Blues.mp3
03-J. Churchill-Sleep Baby Sleep.mp3
04-J. Churchill-Mad Man Blues.mp3
05-Charles Anderson-Roll On Silver Moon.mp3
06-Charles Anderson-Laughing Yodel.mp3
07-Tom Delaney-I'm Leavin' Just To Ease My Worried Mind.mp3
08-Tom Delaney-Georgia Stockade Blues.mp3
09-Tom Delaney-Bow-Legged Mama.mp3
10-Parson Jones-You Ain't Livin' Right.mp3
11-Mike Jackson-Alabama Mamma.mp3
12-Mike Jackson-Kissing Mule Blues.mp3
13-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Who'll Chop Your Suey When I'm Gone.mp3
14-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Numbers On The Brain.mp3
15-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Hold 'Er, Deacon.mp3
16-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Charleston Hound.mp3
17-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Tain't What You Pay To Get A Thing.mp3
18-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Railroad Man Blues.mp3
19-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Long Time Men.mp3
20-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Corn And Bunion Blues.mp3
21-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Kansas City Blues.mp3
22-New Orleans Willie Jackson-T.B. Blues.mp3
23-New Orleans Willie Jackson-How Long.mp3
24-New Orleans Willie Jackson-Deck Hand Blues.mp3

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Lucille Hegamin - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 1 - 1920-1922

01-The Jazz Me Blues.mp3
02-Everybody's Blues.mp3
03-Arkansas Blues.mp3
04-I'll Be Good But I'll Be Lonesome.mp3
05-He's My Man (You'd Better Leave Him Alone).mp3
06-Mamma Whip! Mamma Spank! (If Her Daddy Don't Come Home).mp3
07-I Wonder Where My Brown Skin Daddy's Gone.mp3
08-You'll Want My Love.mp3
09-I Like You Because You Have Such Loving Ways.mp3
10-Wang Wang Blues.mp3
11-Strut Miss Lizzie.mp3
12-Sweet Mama Papa's Getting Mad.mp3
13-Getting Old Blues.mp3
14-Lonesome Monday Morning Blues.mp3
15-Mississippi Blues.mp3
16-Wabash Blues.mp3
17-Ain't Givin' Nothin' Away Blues.mp3
18-Can't Feel Jolly Blues.mp3
19-He May Be Your Man But He Comes To See Me Sometimes.mp3
20-You've Had Your Day.mp3
21-I've Got The Wonder Where He Went (And When He's Coming Back Blues).mp3
22-He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me).mp3
23-State Street Blues.mp3
24-High Brown Blues.mp3

Lucille Hegamin - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 - 1922-1923

01-I've Got To Cool My Puppies Now.mp3
02-Send Back My Honey Man.mp3
03-I've Got What It Takes But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away.mp3
04-Can't Get Lovin' Blues.mp3
05-Beale St. Mama (Why Don't You Come Back Home).mp3
06-Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try To Two-Time Me).mp3
07-Papa Papa (I Don't Want To Be Your Mama No More).mp3
08-He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me Sometime).mp3
09-Syncopatin' Mama.mp3
10-Your Man - My Man.mp3
11-Waiting For The Evening Mail (Sitting On The Inside Looking At The Outside).mp3
12-Now You've Got Him Can You Hold Him (I Don't Think You Know Your Business Blues).mp3
13-Two Time Dan.mp3
14-Wet Yo' Thumb.mp3
15-Bleeding Hearted Blues.mp3
16-Down Hearted Blues.mp3
17-Wanna Go South Again Blues.mp3
18-Some Early Morning.mp3
19-Land Of Cotton Blues.mp3
20-Sweet Papa Joe.mp3
21-Sam Jones Blues (You Ain't Talkin' To Mrs Jones).mp3
22-Saint Louis Gal.mp3
23-Cold Cold Winter Blues.mp3
25-Lovey Come Back.mp3

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Lucille Hegamin - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 3 - 1923-1932

01-Chattanooga Man.mp3
02-Rampart St. Blues.mp3
03-Reckless Daddy.mp3
04-Always Be Careful Mamma.mp3
05-If You Don't Give Me What I Want (I'm Gonna Get It Somewhere Else).mp3
06-You May Be Fast ''But'' Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down.mp3
07-Mamma's The Boss.mp3
08-If You'll Come Back.mp3
09-I Threw A Good Man Over For You.mp3
10-Sweet Temptation Man.mp3
11-Hard Hearted Hannah.mp3
12-Easy Goin' Mamma.mp3
13-Alabamy Bound.mp3
14-Hot Tamale Molly.mp3
15-Every Time I Pick A Sweetie.mp3
16-My Sugar.mp3
17-I Had Someone Else Before I Had You (And I'll Have Someone After You're Gone).mp3
18-No Man's Mama.mp3
20-Poor Papa (He's Got Nuthin' At All).mp3
21-Here Comes Malinda.mp3
22-Nobody But My Baby Is Gettin' My Love.mp3
23-Se¤orita Mine.mp3
24-Shake Your Cans.mp3
25-Totem Pole.mp3

Lucille Hegamin - 1920-1926 - Complete Recorded Works - Volume 4 - Alternate Takes - Remaining Titles

01-The Jazz Me Blues (Take 1).mp3
02-I'll Be Good But I'll Be Lonesome (Take 2).mp3
03-I've Got The Wonder Where He Went (And When He's Coming Back Blues ) (Take 2).mp3
04-I've Got The Wonder Where He Went (And When He's Coming Back Blues ) (Take 3).mp3
05-He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me) (Take 1).mp3
06-State Street Blues (Take 1).mp3
07-State Street Blues (Take 3).mp3
08-High Brown Blues (Take 1).mp3
09-High Brown Blues (Take 3).mp3
10-I've Got To Cool My Puppies Now (Take 2).mp3
11-Send Back My Honey Man (Take 1).mp3
12-Send Back My Honey Man (Take 2).mp3
13-You Can Have Him I Don't Want Him Blues.mp3
14-Voo-Doo Blues.mp3
15-Papa Papa (I Don't Want To Be Your Mama No More) (Take B).mp3
16-Now You've Got Him Can You Hold Him (I Don't Think You Know Your Business Blues).mp3
17-Arkansas Blues (Take 2).mp3
18-Jazz Me Blues.mp3
19-Alabamy Bound (Take A).mp3
20-Every Time I Pick A Sweetie (Take B).mp3
21-No Man's Mama (Take A).mp3
22-Dinah (Take A).mp3

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Johnny Dunn & Edith Wilson - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 1 - 1921-1922

01-Nervous Blues.mp3
02-Vampin' Liza Jane.mp3
03-Old Time Blues.mp3
05-I Don't Want Nobody Blues.mp3
06-The West Texas Blues.mp3
07-Bugle Blues.mp3
08-Birmingham Blues.mp3
09-Wicked Blues.mp3
10-Birmingham Blues.mp3
11-Put And Take.mp3
12-Moanful Blues.mp3
13-Mammy, I'm Think Of You.mp3
14-Take It 'Cause It's All Yours.mp3
15-He May Be Your Man.mp3
16-Rules And Regulations.mp3
17-Lonesome Mama Blues.mp3
18-What Do You Care.mp3
19-Hawaiian Blues.mp3
20-Four O'clock Blues.mp3
21-Evil Blues.mp3
22-Pensacola Blues.mp3

Johnny Dunn - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 (1922-1928)

01-Edith Wilson w Johnny Dunn & Others-Dixie Blues.mp3
02-Edith Wilson w Johnny Dunn & Others-He Used To Be Your Man But He's My Man Now.mp3
03-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Hallelujah Blues.mp3
04-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Spanish Dream (Espa¤ola Blues).mp3
05-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Dixie Blues.mp3
06-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Sugar Blues.mp3
07-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Sweet Lovin' Mama (Please Come Back To Me).mp3
08-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Vamping Sal (The Sheba Of Georgia).mp3
09-Johnny Dunn & His Jazz Band-Jazzin' Babies Blues.mp3
10-Johnny Dunn & His Jazz Band-I Promised Not To Holler, But Hey! Hey!.mp3
11-Johnny Dunn w Leroy Tibbs & Sam Speed-Dunn's Cornet Blues.mp3
12-Johnny Dunn w Leroy Tibbs & Sam Speed-You've Never Heard The Blues.mp3
13-The Plantation Orchestra-Silver Rose.mp3
14-The Plantation Orchestra-Arabella's Wedding Day.mp3
15-The Plantation Orchestra-Smiling Joe.mp3
16-The Plantation Orchestra-For Baby And Me.mp3
17-Johnny Dunn & His Band-Sergeant Dunn's Bugle Call Blues.mp3
18-Johnny Dunn & His Band-Ham And Eggs.mp3
19-Johnny Dunn & His Band-Buffalo Blues.mp3
20-Johnny Dunn & His Band-You Need Some Loving.mp3
21-Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-What's The Use Of Being Alone.mp3
22-Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Original Bugle Blues.mp3

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lena Wilson - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 1 - 1922-1924

01-The Wicked Fives' Blues.mp3
02-You've Got Everything A Sweet Daddy Needs But Me.mp3
03-He Used To Be Your Man But He's My Man Now.mp3
04-Memphis Tennessee.mp3
05-Deceitful Blues.mp3
06-I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me.mp3
07-Here's Your Opportunity.mp3
08-Memphis, Tennessee.mp3
09-'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do.mp3
10-Triflin' Blues (Daddy Don't You Trifle).mp3
11-Deceitful Blues.mp3
12-Memphis Tennessee.mp3
13-Your Time Now ('Twill Be Mine After A While).mp3
14-I Need You To Drive My Blues Away.mp3
15-Bleeding Hearted Blues.mp3
16-Chirpin' The Blues.mp3
17-Afternoon Blues.mp3
18-Michigan Water Blues.mp3
19-Michigan Water Blues.mp3
20-Hula Blues.mp3
21-Four Flushin' Papa (You've Gotta Play Straight With Me).mp3
22-'Tain't No Tellin' (What The Blues Will Make You Do).mp3
23-I Don't Love Nobody (So I Don't Have No Blues).mp3

Edith And Lena Wilson - Complete Recorded Works - 1924-1931 - Volume 2

01-Edith Wilson-Daddy Change Your Mind.mp3
02-Edith Wilson-I Don't Know And I Don't Care Blues.mp3
03-Edith Wilson-How Come You Do Me Like You Do.mp3
04-Edith Wilson-Muscle Shoals Blues.mp3
05-Edith Wilson-He's A Mean Mean Man.mp3
06-Edith Wilson-Double Crossin' Papa.mp3
07-Edith Wilson-It's Gonna Be A Cold, Cold Winter.mp3
08-Edith Wilson-There'll Be Some Changes Made.mp3
09-Edith Wilson-(What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue.mp3
10-Edith Wilson-My Man Is Good For Nothing But Love.mp3
11-Edith Wilson-Loving You The Way I Do.mp3
12-Edith Wilson-The Penalty Of Love.mp3
13-Edith Wilson-My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More.mp3
14-Edith Wilson-I'll Get Even With You.mp3
15-Edith Wilson-My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More.mp3
16-Lena Wilson-Baby It Upsets Me So.mp3
17-Lena Wilson-Chiropractor Blues.mp3
18-Lena Wilson-I'm A Stationary Mama (Lookin' For A Permanent Man).mp3
19-Lena Wilson-Find Out What They Like (And How They Like It).mp3
20-Lena Wilson-What's Your Price.mp3
21-Lena Wilson-My Man O' War.mp3

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fletcher Henderson & The Blues Singers - Volume 1 - 1921-1923

01-Katie Crippen-Blind Man Blues.mp3
02-Katie Crippen-Sing 'Em For Mamma, Play 'Em For Me.mp3
03-Katie Crippen-That's My Cup Blues.mp3
04-Katie Crippen-When It's Too Late (You Gonna Miss Me Daddy).mp3
05-Lulu Whidby-Home Again Blues.mp3
06-Lulu Whidby-Home Again Blues.mp3
07-Lulu Whidby-Strut Miss Lizzie.mp3
08-Lulu Whidby-Strut Miss Lizzie.mp3
09-Essie Whitman-Sweet Daddy It's You.mp3
10-Essie Whitman-If You Don't Believe I Love You.mp3
11-Essie Whitman-If You Don't Believe I Love You.mp3
12-Etta Mooney-Early Every Morn' (I Want Some Lovin').mp3
13-Etta Mooney-Lonesome Monday Morning Blues.mp3
14-Mary Straine-Ain't Got Nothing Blues.mp3
15-Mary Straine-I Wish I Could Shimmy (Like My Sister Kate).mp3
16-Mary Straine-The Last Go Round Blues.mp3
17-Mary Straine-Chirpin' The Blues.mp3
18-Mary Straine-Downhearted Blues.mp3
19-Isabelle Washington-I Want To.mp3
20-Isabelle Washington-That's Why I'm Loving You.mp3
21-Maude De Forrest-Roamin' Blues.mp3
22-Maude De Forrest-Doo Dee Blues.mp3
23-Emma Lewis-I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me.mp3
24-Tudie Wells-Baby's Got The Blues.mp3
25-Tudie Wells-Uncle Sam Blues.mp3

Fletcher Henderson & The Blues Singers - Volume 2 - 1923-1924

01-Inez Wallace-Aggravatin' Papa.mp3
02-Inez Wallace-Radio Blues.mp3
03-Inez Wallace-Kissin' Daddy.mp3
04-Inez Wallace-Go Get It.mp3
05-Hannah Sylvester-Papa, Better Watch Your Step.mp3
06-Hannah Sylvester-Seven Or Eleven.mp3
07-Hannah Sylvester-Midnight Blues.mp3
08-Hannah Sylvester-I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me.mp3
09-Hannah Sylvester-Midnight Blues.mp3
10-Hannah Sylvester-Farewell Blues.mp3
11-Hannah Sylvester-The Wicked (Dirty) Fives.mp3
12-Hannah Sylvester-Gulf Coast Blues.mp3
13-Hannah Sylvester-Michigan Water Blues.mp3
14-Hannah Sylvester-Down South Blues.mp3
15-Hannah Sylvester-I Want My Sweet Daddy.mp3
16-Gladys Bryant-Tired O' Waitin' Blues.mp3
17-Gladys Bryant-Beale Street Mamma.mp3
18-Emma Gover-Midnight Blues.mp3
19-Emma Gover-Down Hearted Blues.mp3
20-Emma Gover-Oh! Daddy Blues.mp3
21-Emma Gover-M. T. Pocket Blues.mp3
22-Ethel Finnie-Heart Breakin' Joe.mp3
23-Ethel Finnie-He Wasn't Born In Araby, But He's A Sheikin' Fool.mp3
24-Faye Barnes-The Gouge Of Armour Avenue.mp3
25-Faye Barnes-The Chicago Gouge.mp3