Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Richer Tradition - Country Blues and String Band Music 1923-1937 - CD A

01-Sylvester Weaver-Guitar Blues.mp3
02-Ed Andrews-Time Ain't Gonna Make Me Stay.mp3
03-Daddy Stovepipe-Sundown Blues.mp3
04-Papa Charlie Jackson-Salt Lake City Blues.mp3
05-South Street Trio-Whiskey & Gin Blues.mp3
06-Richard 'Rabbit' Brown-James Alley Blues.mp3
07-Big Boy Cleveland-Goin' To Leave You Blues.mp3
08-Papa Harvey Hull & Long 'Cleve' Reed-Hey Lawdy Mama-The France Blues.mp3
09-Stovepipe #1 & David Crockett-A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around.mp3
10-Andrew & Jim Baxter-Bamalong Blues.mp3
11-Jaybird Coleman-Man Trouble Blues.mp3
12-'Blue Coat' Tom Nelson-Blue Coat Blues.mp3
13-Ed Bell-Frisco Whistle Blues.mp3
14-Emery Glen-Two Ways To Texas.mp3
15-Lewis Black-Gravel Camp Blues.mp3
16-Mooch Richardson-T&T Blues.mp3
17-Tom Dickson-Death Bell Blues.mp3
18-Pink Anderson-C.C. & O Blues.mp3
19-George 'Bullet' Williams-Middlin' Blues.mp3
20-Lottie Kimbrough-Rolling Log Blues.mp3
21-Charlie Kyle-Kyle's Worried Blues.mp3
22-William Harris-Bull Frog Blues.mp3
23-Elizabeth Johnson-Sobbin' Woman Blues.mp3
24-Alec Johnson-Miss Meal Cramp Blues.mp3
25-Tarter & Gay-Unknown Blues.mp3

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