Thursday, June 23, 2016

Johnny Dunn - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 (1922-1928)

01-Edith Wilson w Johnny Dunn & Others-Dixie Blues.mp3
02-Edith Wilson w Johnny Dunn & Others-He Used To Be Your Man But He's My Man Now.mp3
03-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Hallelujah Blues.mp3
04-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Spanish Dream (Espa¤ola Blues).mp3
05-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Dixie Blues.mp3
06-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Sugar Blues.mp3
07-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Sweet Lovin' Mama (Please Come Back To Me).mp3
08-Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Band-Vamping Sal (The Sheba Of Georgia).mp3
09-Johnny Dunn & His Jazz Band-Jazzin' Babies Blues.mp3
10-Johnny Dunn & His Jazz Band-I Promised Not To Holler, But Hey! Hey!.mp3
11-Johnny Dunn w Leroy Tibbs & Sam Speed-Dunn's Cornet Blues.mp3
12-Johnny Dunn w Leroy Tibbs & Sam Speed-You've Never Heard The Blues.mp3
13-The Plantation Orchestra-Silver Rose.mp3
14-The Plantation Orchestra-Arabella's Wedding Day.mp3
15-The Plantation Orchestra-Smiling Joe.mp3
16-The Plantation Orchestra-For Baby And Me.mp3
17-Johnny Dunn & His Band-Sergeant Dunn's Bugle Call Blues.mp3
18-Johnny Dunn & His Band-Ham And Eggs.mp3
19-Johnny Dunn & His Band-Buffalo Blues.mp3
20-Johnny Dunn & His Band-You Need Some Loving.mp3
21-Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-What's The Use Of Being Alone.mp3
22-Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Original Bugle Blues.mp3

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