Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fletcher Henderson & The Blues Singers - Volume 2 - 1923-1924

01-Inez Wallace-Aggravatin' Papa.mp3
02-Inez Wallace-Radio Blues.mp3
03-Inez Wallace-Kissin' Daddy.mp3
04-Inez Wallace-Go Get It.mp3
05-Hannah Sylvester-Papa, Better Watch Your Step.mp3
06-Hannah Sylvester-Seven Or Eleven.mp3
07-Hannah Sylvester-Midnight Blues.mp3
08-Hannah Sylvester-I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me.mp3
09-Hannah Sylvester-Midnight Blues.mp3
10-Hannah Sylvester-Farewell Blues.mp3
11-Hannah Sylvester-The Wicked (Dirty) Fives.mp3
12-Hannah Sylvester-Gulf Coast Blues.mp3
13-Hannah Sylvester-Michigan Water Blues.mp3
14-Hannah Sylvester-Down South Blues.mp3
15-Hannah Sylvester-I Want My Sweet Daddy.mp3
16-Gladys Bryant-Tired O' Waitin' Blues.mp3
17-Gladys Bryant-Beale Street Mamma.mp3
18-Emma Gover-Midnight Blues.mp3
19-Emma Gover-Down Hearted Blues.mp3
20-Emma Gover-Oh! Daddy Blues.mp3
21-Emma Gover-M. T. Pocket Blues.mp3
22-Ethel Finnie-Heart Breakin' Joe.mp3
23-Ethel Finnie-He Wasn't Born In Araby, But He's A Sheikin' Fool.mp3
24-Faye Barnes-The Gouge Of Armour Avenue.mp3
25-Faye Barnes-The Chicago Gouge.mp3

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