Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band

01-Irish Dance Set - Figure No. 2.mp3
02-Dan Sullivan's Favourite.mp3
03-Tickling Mary Jane.mp3
04-The Rabbit Catcher.mp3
05-Londonderry Hornpipe.mp3
06-Miller's Reel; Duffy the Dancer.mp3
07-Bantry Bay.mp3
08-Billy Hanafin's Reel.mp3
09-Green Grow the Rushes-O.mp3
10-Versouviana Dance.mp3
11-Boil the Kettle Early.mp3
12-Groves Hornpipe.mp3
13-Johnny Will You Marry Me.mp3
14-Lord Gordon's Reel.mp3
15-Lanigan's Ball.mp3
16-Blackberry Blossom; Bonnie Kate.mp3
17-I'm Leaving Tipperary.mp3
18-Silver Slipper; Jerry Daly's Hornpipe.mp3

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