Monday, June 13, 2016

Alabama Black Country Dance Bands - Complete Recorded Works 1924-1949

01-Daddy Stovepipe-Sundown Blues.mp3
02-Daddy Stovepipe-Stove Pipe Blues.mp3
03-Daddy Stovepipe-Black Snake Blues.mp3
04-Daddy Stovepipe-Tuxedo Blues.mp3
05-Ben Curry-Adam And Eve In The Garden.mp3
06-Ben Curry-I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop.mp3
07-Ben Curry-Boodle-De-Bum Blues.mp3
08-Ben Curry-It's A Fight Like That.mp3
09-Ben Curry-Boodle De Bum Bum.mp3
10-Ben Curry-The New Dirty Dozen.mp3
11-Ben Curry-Fat Mouth Blues.mp3
12-Ben Curry-You Rascal You.mp3
13-Mississippi Sarah-Burleskin' Blues.mp3
14-Mississippi Sarah-Greenville Strut.mp3
15-Mississippi Sarah-Read You're A.B.C.'s.mp3
16-Mississippi Sarah-Do You Love Him.mp3
17-Mississippi Sarah-Strewin' It Out.mp3
18-Mississippi Sarah-The Spasm.mp3
19-Mississippi Sarah-35 Depression.mp3
20-Mississippi Sarah-If You Want Me, Baby.mp3
21-Mobile Strugglers-Memphis Blues.mp3
22-Mobile Strugglers-Fattenin' Frogs.mp3

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