Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ishman Bracey & Charley Taylor - 1928-1929 - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order

01-Ishman Bracey-Stranger Blues (Rosie Mae Moore, vcl).mp3
02-Ishman Bracey-Saturday Blues.mp3
03-Ishman Bracey-Left Alone Blues.mp3
04-Ishman Bracey-Leavin' Town Blues.mp3
05-Ishman Bracey-Leavin' Town Blues.mp3
06-Ishman Bracey-Brown Mama Blues.mp3
07-Ishman Bracey-Brown Mama Blues.mp3
08-Ishman Bracey-Trouble Hearted Blues.mp3
09-Ishman Bracey-Trouble Hearted Blues.mp3
10-Ishman Bracey-The Four Day Blues.mp3
11-Ishman Bracey-The Four Day Blues.mp3
12-Ishman Bracey-Jake Liquor Blues.mp3
13-Ishman Bracey-Family Stirving.mp3
14-Ishman Bracey-Mobile Stomp (New Orleans Nehi Boys).mp3
15-Ishman Bracey-Farish Street Rag (New Orleans Nehi Boys).mp3
16-Ishman Bracey-Woman Woman Blues.mp3
17-Ishman Bracey-Suitcase Full Of Blues.mp3
18-Ishman Bracey-Bust Up Blues.mp3
19-Ishman Bracey-Pay Me No Mind.mp3
20-Charley Taylor-Heavy Suitcase Blues.mp3
21-Charley Taylor-Louisiana Bound.mp3
22-Charley Taylor-Too Damp To Be Wet (Taylor & Bracey).mp3
23-Charley Taylor-Where My Shoes At (Taylor & Bracey).mp3

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