Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lucille Hegamin - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 - 1922-1923

01-I've Got To Cool My Puppies Now.mp3
02-Send Back My Honey Man.mp3
03-I've Got What It Takes But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away.mp3
04-Can't Get Lovin' Blues.mp3
05-Beale St. Mama (Why Don't You Come Back Home).mp3
06-Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try To Two-Time Me).mp3
07-Papa Papa (I Don't Want To Be Your Mama No More).mp3
08-He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me Sometime).mp3
09-Syncopatin' Mama.mp3
10-Your Man - My Man.mp3
11-Waiting For The Evening Mail (Sitting On The Inside Looking At The Outside).mp3
12-Now You've Got Him Can You Hold Him (I Don't Think You Know Your Business Blues).mp3
13-Two Time Dan.mp3
14-Wet Yo' Thumb.mp3
15-Bleeding Hearted Blues.mp3
16-Down Hearted Blues.mp3
17-Wanna Go South Again Blues.mp3
18-Some Early Morning.mp3
19-Land Of Cotton Blues.mp3
20-Sweet Papa Joe.mp3
21-Sam Jones Blues (You Ain't Talkin' To Mrs Jones).mp3
22-Saint Louis Gal.mp3
23-Cold Cold Winter Blues.mp3
25-Lovey Come Back.mp3

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  1. I'd forgotten she recorded Alberta's Downhearted Blues...