Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Clifford Hayes & The Louisville Jug Bands - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Vol. 4 - 1929-1931

01-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-You're Ticklin' Me.mp3
02-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-You're Ticklin' Me.mp3
03-Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers-You Gonna Need My Help.mp3
04-Kentucky Jazz Babies-Old Folks Shake.mp3
05-Kentucky Jazz Babies-No More Blues.mp3
06-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Soldier Boy Blues.mp3
07-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-That's A Lovely Thing For You.mp3
08 - sing, you sinners - phillips' louisville jug band.mp3
09-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Tiger Rag.mp3
10-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Walkin' Cane Stomp.mp3
11-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Hard Hustlin' Blues.mp3
12-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-Smackin' The Sax.mp3
13-Phillips' Louisville Jug Band-That's Your Last.mp3
14-Kid Coley-Clair And Pearley Blues.mp3
15-Kid Coley-Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More.mp3
16-Kid Coley-Freight Train Blues.mp3
17-Whistler & His Jug Band-Foldin' Bed.mp3
18-Whistler & His Jug Band-Hold That Tiger.mp3
19-Kid Coley-War Dream Blues.mp3
20-Jimmie Rodgers-My Good Gal's Gone Blues.mp3
21-Jimmie Rodgers-My Good Gal's Gone Blues.mp3
22-Ben Ferguson-Please Don't Holler, Mama.mp3
23-Ben Ferguson-Try And Treat Her Right.mp3
24-John Harris-Prowling Wolf Blues.mp3
25-John Harris-Glad And Sorry Blues.mp3

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