Friday, June 17, 2016

Classic Blues & Vaudeville Singers - The Alternate Takes (1921-1930)

01-Ida Cox-Bama Bound Blues.mp3
02-Ida Cox-Lovin' Is The Thing I'm Wild About.mp3
03-Ida Cox-Moanin' Groanin' Blues.mp3
04-Ida Cox-Chicago Bound Blues.mp3
05-Ida Cox-Chicago Bound Blues.mp3
06-Ida Cox-Come Right In.mp3
07-Ida Cox-Worried Mama Blues.mp3
08-Ida Cox-Bear Mash Blues.mp3
09-Ida Cox-Blues Ain't Nothin' Else But!.mp3
10-Ida Cox-How Can I Miss You When I've Got Dead Aim.mp3
11-Ida Cox-Rambling Blues.mp3
12-Ida Cox-Seven Day Blues.mp3
13-Ida Cox-Sneaking Blues (I.C. Train).mp3
14-Trixie Smith-Desperate Blues.mp3
15-Trixie Smith-Freight Train Blues.mp3
16-Trixie Smith-Don't Shake It No More.mp3
17-Trixie Smith-Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me).mp3
18-Trixie Smith-How Come You Do Me Like You Do.mp3
19-Trixie Smith-Everybody's Doing The Charleston Now.mp3
20-Lucille Hegamin-Arkansas Blues.mp3
21-Lucille Hegamin-He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me).mp3
22-Priscilla Stewart-Mecca Flat Blues.mp3
23-Billie Young-When They Get Lovin' They's Gone.mp3
24-Billie Young-You Done Played Out Blues.mp3

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