Friday, June 10, 2016

Daisy Martin & Ozie McPherson - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - 1921-1926

01-Royal Garden Blues.mp3
02-Spread Yo' Stuff.mp3
03-Play 'Em Mama Sing 'Em For Me.mp3
04-I Won't Be Back 'Till You Change Your Ways.mp3
05-Won't Someone Help Me Find My Lovin' Man.mp3
06-Everybody's Man Is My Man.mp3
07-How Long, How Long (Absent Blues).mp3
08-Sweet Daddy.mp3
09-Honolulu Lou.mp3
10-I Didn't Start In To Love You (Until You Stopped Loving Me).mp3
11-Nightmare Blues.mp3
12-Keep On Going (When You Get Where You're Going You Won't Be Missed At All).mp3
13-Brown Skin (Who Are You For) (Vocal Duet with Clarence Williams).mp3
14-If You Don't Want Me (Please Dont' Dog Me 'Round).mp3
15-Feelin' Blues.mp3
16-What You Was - You Used To Be (But You Ain't No More).mp3
17-You Gotta Know How.mp3
18-Outside Of That He's All Right With Me.mp3
19-Standing On The Corner Blues.mp3
20-He's My Man.mp3
21-Down To The Bottom Where I Stay.mp3
22-I Want My Loving.mp3
23-Nobody Rolls Their Jelly Roll Like Mine.mp3
24-I'm Blue Since My Sweetie Want Away.mp3

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