Thursday, June 16, 2016

Classic Blues, Jazz & Vaudeville Singers - More Alternate Takes & Newly Discovered Titles - Volume 2 (1920-1926)

01-Flo Bert-Don't Take Away Those Blues.mp3
02-Flo Bert-Don't Take Away These Blues.mp3
03-Flo Bert-Whistle And I'll Come To Meet You.mp3
04-Flo Bert-I've Got The Blues For My Old Kentucky Home.mp3
05-Flo Bert-All By Myself.mp3
06-Flo Bert-Hortense.mp3
07-Flo Bert-No Wonder I'm Lonesome.mp3
08-Flo Bert-Cow Bells.mp3
09-Katie Crippen-Sing 'Em Mamma, Play 'Em For Me.mp3
10-Daisy Martin-Spread Yo Stuff.mp3
11-Lena Wilson-The Wicked Blues.mp3
12-Julia Moody-Laughin' Cryin' Blues.mp3
13-Julia Moody-Starvin' For Love.mp3
14-Inez Wallace-Go, Get It.mp3
15-Alberta Hunter-Down South Blues.mp3
16-Ida Cox-Any Woman's Blues.mp3
17-Hazel Meyers-He's Never Gonna Trow Me Down.mp3
18-Viola McCoy-Laughin' Cryin' Blues.mp3
19-Viola McCoy-Triflin' Blues.mp3
20-Viola McCoy-Just Thinkin'.mp3
21-Viola McCoy-Mistreatin' Daddy.mp3
22-Viola McCoy-'''Git''' Goin'.mp3
23-Viola McCoy-Some Day You'll Come Back.mp3

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  1. Thanks Fez. What you giving us here is somerthing I never thought I will arrive to listen. Digging all this new music. Thanks again.