Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Complete Recorded Works of Esther Bigeou, etc. In Chronological Order (1921-1928)

01-Esther Bigeou-The Memphis Blues.mp3
02-Esther Bigeou-The St.Louis Blues.mp3
03-Esther Bigeou-Stingaree Blues (A Down Home Blues).mp3
04-Esther Bigeou-Nervous Blues.mp3
05-Esther Bigeou-If That's What You Want Here It Is.mp3
06-Esther Bigeou-Aggravatin' Papa.mp3
07-Esther Bigeou-Four O'clock Blues.mp3
08-Esther Bigeou-I'm Through With You (As I Can Be).mp3
09-Esther Bigeou-Beale Street Mama.mp3
10-Esther Bigeou-Outside Of That, He's All Right With Me.mp3
11-Esther Bigeou-The Gulf Coast Blues.mp3
12-Esther Bigeou-Beale Street Blues.mp3
13-Esther Bigeou-The Hesitating Blues.mp3
14-Esther Bigeou-That Two-Twa Tune.mp3
15-Esther Bigeou-Panama Limited Blues.mp3
16-Esther Bigeou-You Ain't Treatin'me Right.mp3
17-Esther Bigeou-West Indies Blues.mp3
18-Lillyn Brown-If That's What You Want Here It Is (take 4).mp3
19-Lillyn Brown-Ever Lovin' Blues (take 4).mp3
20-Lillyn Brown-Bad Land Blues (take 2).mp3
21-Lillyn Brown-The Jazz Me Blues.mp3
22-Ada Brown-Panama Limited Blues.mp3
23-Ada Brown-Tia Juana Man.mp3
24-Alberta Brown-Lonely Blues.mp3
25-Alberta Brown-How Long.mp3

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