Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kansas City Blues 1924-1929 - The Complete Recorded Works of Sylvester & Lottie Kimbrough, Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner

01-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Regular Man Blues.mp3
02-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Honey Blues.mp3
03-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Red River Blues.mp3
04-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Sugar Daddy Blues.mp3
05-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Low Down Painful Blues.mp3
06-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Mama Can't Lose.mp3
07-Lena & Sylvester Kimbrough-City Of The Dead.mp3
08-Lena & Sylvester Kimbrough-Cabbage Head Blues.mp3
09-Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes-Lost Lover Blues.mp3
10-Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes-Wayward Girl Blues.mp3
11-Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes-Rolling Log Blues.mp3
12-Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes-Goin' Away Blues.mp3
13-Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes-Blue World Blues.mp3
14-Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner-The Death Of Holmes' Mule Part 1.mp3
15-Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner-The Death Of Holmes' Mule Part 2.mp3
16-Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner-Rounders Lament.mp3
17-Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner-The Kansas City Call.mp3
18-Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner-Skinner.mp3
19-Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner-Kansas City Dog Walk.mp3
20-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Going Away Blues.mp3
21-Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough-Rollin' Log Blues.mp3
22-Sylvester Kimbrough-Garbage Can Blues.mp3
23-Sylvester Kimbrough-Bird Liver Blues.mp3

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