Monday, June 27, 2016

Peg Leg Howell & Eddie Anthony - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Vo1. 1 - 8 November 1926 to 13 August 1928

01-Peg Leg Howell-Coal Man Blues.mp3
02-Peg Leg Howell-Tishamingo Blues.mp3
03-Peg Leg Howell-New Prison Blues.mp3
04-Peg Leg Howell-Fo' Day Blues.mp3
05-Peg Leg Howell-New Jelly Roll Blues.mp3
06-Peg Leg Howell-Beaver Slide Rag.mp3
07-Peg Leg Howell-Papa Stobb Blues.mp3
08-Peg Leg Howell-Sadie Lee Blues.mp3
09-Peg Leg Howell-Too Tight Blues.mp3
10-Peg Leg Howell-Moanin' And Groanin' Blues.mp3
11-Peg Leg Howell-Hobo Blues.mp3
12-Peg Leg Howell-Peg Leg Stomp.mp3
13-Peg Leg Howell-Doin' Wrong.mp3
14-Peg Leg Howell-Skin Game Blues.mp3
15-Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony-Georgia Crawl.mp3
16-Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony-Lonesome Blues.mp3
17-Peg Leg Howell-Please Ma'am.mp3
18-Peg Leg Howell-Rock And Gravel Blues.mp3
19-Peg Leg Howell-Low-Down Rounder Blues.mp3
20-Peg Leg Howell-Fairy Blues.mp3
21-''Sloppy'' Henry-Canned Heat Blues.mp3
22-''Sloppy'' Henry-Say I Do It.mp3

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