Thursday, June 9, 2016

Viola McCoy - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 - 1924-1926

01-I've Got The World In A Jug.mp3
02-I Ain't Gonna Marry, Ain't Gonna Settle Down.mp3
03-If Your Good Man Quits You, Don't Wear No Black.mp3
04-West Indies Blues.mp3
05-It Makes No Difference Now.mp3
06-I Don't Want Nobody That Don't Want Me.mp3
07-It Makes No Difference Now.mp3
08-I Don't Want Nobody That Don't Want Me.mp3
09-Mamma, Mamma (Don't Love Her Papa No More).mp3
10-Mama's Gone, Goodbye.mp3
11-You Don't Know My Mind.mp3
12-Buzzin' Around.mp3
13-How Come You Do Me Like You Do.mp3
14-Clearing House Blues.mp3
15-Keep On Going.mp3
16-Get Yourself A Monkey Man And Make Him Strut His Stuff.mp3
17-Keep On Going.mp3
18-Memphis Bound.mp3
19-Stomp Your Blues Away.mp3
20-Shake That Thing.mp3
21-South Street Blues.mp3
22-Charleston Blues.mp3
23-I'm Saving It All For You.mp3
24-Papa, If You Can't Do Better (I'll Let A Better Papa Move In).mp3

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