Monday, June 27, 2016

Peg Leg Howell & Eddie Anthony - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 2 - 13 August 1928 to 9 December 1930

01-''Sloppy Henry''-Long, Tall, Disconnected Mama.mp3
02-''Sloppy Henry''-Palm Special Blues.mp3
03-Peg Leg Howell-Banjo Blues.mp3
04-Peg Leg Howell-Turkey Buzzard Blues.mp3
05-Peg Leg Howell-Turtle Dove Blues.mp3
06-Peg Leg Howell-Walkin' Blues.mp3
07-Tampa Joe and Macon Ed-Wringing That Thing.mp3
08-Tampa Joe and Macon Ed-Worrying Blues.mp3
09-Peg Leg Howell-Broke and Hungry Blues.mp3
10-Peg Leg Howell-Rolling Mill Blues.mp3
11-Peg Leg Howell-Ball and Chain Blues.mp3
12-Peg Leg Howell-Monkey Man Blues.mp3
13-Peg Leg Howell-Chittlin' Supper.mp3
14-Peg Leg Howell-Away from Home.mp3
15-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Everything's Coming My Way.mp3
16-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Mean Florida Blues.mp3
17-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Try That Thing.mp3
18-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Tickle Britches.mp3
19-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Tantalizing Bootblack.mp3
20-Macon Ed and Tampa Joe-Warm Wipe Stomp.mp3
21-Brothers Wright and Williams-I'll Play My Harp In Beulah Land.mp3

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