Sunday, June 26, 2016

Male Blues Of The Twenties - Volume 1 - 1922-1930

01-John P. Vigal-Fowler Twist.mp3
02-Reese Du Pree-Long Ago Blues.mp3
03-Reese Du Pree-O Saroo Saroo.mp3
04-Reese Du Pree-Norfolk Blues.mp3
05-Reese Du Pree-One More Rounder Gone.mp3
06-Billy Higgins-Levee Blues.mp3
07-Billy Higgins-I'm Tired Of Beggin You To Treat Me Right.mp3
08-Blind Richard Yates-I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away.mp3
09-Blind Richard Yates-Sore Bunion Blues.mp3
10-Blind Richard Yates-Sore Bunion Blues.mp3
11-Blind Richard Yates-I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away.mp3
12-Happy Holmes-Solid Ground.mp3
13-Happy Holmes-When Folks Stop Talkin' And Walkin'.mp3
14-James Crawford-Flood And Thunder Blues.mp3
15-James Crawford-Unhappy Blues.mp3
16-Sloppy Henry-Hobo Blues.mp3
17-Sloppy Henry-The Best Cheap Car In The Market Is A Ford.mp3
18-Sloppy Henry-Jomo Man Blues.mp3
19-Sloppy Henry-Some Sweet Rainy Day.mp3
20-Oliver Cobb-The Duck's Yas Yas Yas.mp3
21-Oliver Cobb-Hot Stuff.mp3
22-Oliver Cobb-Cornet Pleading Blues - Pt 2.mp3
23-Oliver Cobb-Cornet Pleading Blues - Pt 1.mp3
24-Willie Dukes-Snake Hip Twirl.mp3
25-Willie Dukes-Homeward Bound.mp3
26-Willie Dukes-Sweet Poplar Bluff Blues.mp3

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  1. Many many thanks for all these Document anthologies! There is much wonderful music on them, and they're hard to find. Really appreciative of the goodies you post on this blog!!!