Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fletcher Henderson & The Blues Singers - Volume 1 - 1921-1923

01-Katie Crippen-Blind Man Blues.mp3
02-Katie Crippen-Sing 'Em For Mamma, Play 'Em For Me.mp3
03-Katie Crippen-That's My Cup Blues.mp3
04-Katie Crippen-When It's Too Late (You Gonna Miss Me Daddy).mp3
05-Lulu Whidby-Home Again Blues.mp3
06-Lulu Whidby-Home Again Blues.mp3
07-Lulu Whidby-Strut Miss Lizzie.mp3
08-Lulu Whidby-Strut Miss Lizzie.mp3
09-Essie Whitman-Sweet Daddy It's You.mp3
10-Essie Whitman-If You Don't Believe I Love You.mp3
11-Essie Whitman-If You Don't Believe I Love You.mp3
12-Etta Mooney-Early Every Morn' (I Want Some Lovin').mp3
13-Etta Mooney-Lonesome Monday Morning Blues.mp3
14-Mary Straine-Ain't Got Nothing Blues.mp3
15-Mary Straine-I Wish I Could Shimmy (Like My Sister Kate).mp3
16-Mary Straine-The Last Go Round Blues.mp3
17-Mary Straine-Chirpin' The Blues.mp3
18-Mary Straine-Downhearted Blues.mp3
19-Isabelle Washington-I Want To.mp3
20-Isabelle Washington-That's Why I'm Loving You.mp3
21-Maude De Forrest-Roamin' Blues.mp3
22-Maude De Forrest-Doo Dee Blues.mp3
23-Emma Lewis-I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me.mp3
24-Tudie Wells-Baby's Got The Blues.mp3
25-Tudie Wells-Uncle Sam Blues.mp3

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  1. Bough volumes 1 nd 2 when they were released; lost in moving. So many thanks for digital versions...