Sunday, June 19, 2016

Country Blues Collector's Items - The Complete Recorded Works of... (1924-1928)

01-Ed Andrews-Barrel House Blues.mp3
02-Ed Andrews-Time Ain't Gonna Make Me Stay.mp3
03-Kid Brown-Bo-Lita.mp3
04-Emery Glen-Back Door Blues.mp3
05-Emery Glen-Two Ways To Texas.mp3
06-Emery Glen-Fifth Street Blues.mp3
07-Emery Glen-Blue Blazes Blues.mp3
08-Sammy Brown-Barrel House Blues.mp3
09-Sammy Brown-The Jockey Blues.mp3
10-Lewis Black-Rock Island Blues.mp3
11-Lewis Black-Gravel Camp Blues.mp3
12-Lewis Black-Corn Liquor Blues.mp3
13-Lewis Black-Spanish Blues.mp3
14-Johnny Head-Fare Thee Blues - Part 1.mp3
15-Johnny Head-Fare Thee Blues - Part 2.mp3
16-''Mooch'' Richardson-T And T Blues.mp3
17-''Mooch'' Richardson-''Mooch'' Richardson's Low Down Barrel House Blues Part 1.mp3
18-''Mooch'' Richardson-''Mooch'' Richardson's Low Down Barrel House Blues Part 2.mp3
19-''Mooch'' Richardson-Helena Blues.mp3
20-''Mooch'' Richardson-Big Kate Adams Blues.mp3
21-''Mooch'' Richardson-Burying Ground Blues.mp3
22-T.C. Johnson & ''Blue Coat'' Tom Nelson-J.C. Johnson's Blues.mp3
23-T.C. Johnson & ''Blue Coat'' Tom Nelson-Blue Coat Blues.mp3
24-Johnson - Nelson - Porkchop-G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again.mp3
25-Johnson - Nelson - Porkchop-In The Mornin'.mp3

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