Sunday, June 19, 2016

Country Blues Collector's Items (1930-1941) ...In Chronological Order

01-Tommy Griffin-Mistreatment Blues.mp3
02-Tommy Griffin-Yo Yo Mama Blues.mp3
03-Tommy Griffin-Ball Playing Blues.mp3
04-Tommy Griffin-Bell Tolling Blues.mp3
05-Tommy Griffin-Young Heifer Blues.mp3
06-Tommy Griffin-Hey Hey Blues.mp3
07-Tommy Griffin-Dying Sinner Blues - Part 2.mp3
08-Tommy Griffin-Mistreatin' Papa.mp3
09-Tommy Griffin-Miserable Life Blues.mp3
10-Tommy Griffin-Snake Hipping Blues.mp3
11-Tommy Griffin-Little Tommy Blues.mp3
12-Tommy Griffin-On My Way Blues.mp3
13-Tommy Griffin-Dream Book Blues.mp3
14-One Arm Slim-Howling Man Blues.mp3
15-One Arm Slim-Bootin' That Thing.mp3
16-One Arm Slim-Crap Shootin' Blues.mp3
17-One Arm Slim-Where Did You Stay Last Night.mp3
18-Frank Edwards-Sweet Man Blues.mp3
19-Frank Edwards-Three Women Blues.mp3
20-Frank Edwards-Terraplane Blues.mp3
21-Frank Edwards-We Got To Get Together.mp3

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