Monday, June 13, 2016

Eddie Heywood & The Blues Singers - In Chronological Order 1923-1926

01-Eddie Heywood-The Black Bottom Blues.mp3
02-Eddie Heywood-The Mixed Up Blues.mp3
03-Charles Anderson-Sing 'Em Blues.mp3
04-Charles Anderson-Yodle Song-Coo Coo.mp3
05-Charles Anderson-Sleep, Baby, Sleep.mp3
06-Guilford (Peachtree) Payne-You Don't Worry My Mind.mp3
07-Guilford (Peachtree) Payne-Peachtree Man Blues.mp3
08-Charles Anderson-Comic Yodle Song.mp3
09-Viola Baker-What's The Use Blues.mp3
10-Sloppy Henry-Tom Cat Rag.mp3
11-Sloppy Henry-Cannon Ball Blues.mp3
12-Annie Summerford-'Fo Day Blues.mp3
13-Annie Summerford-Low Down Blues.mp3
14-Catherine Henderson-Sweet De Papa Blues.mp3
15-Catherine Henderson-Four-Thirty Blues.mp3
16-''Doc'' Dasher-Evolution Mama.mp3
17-''Doc'' Dasher-West Palm Beach Blues.mp3
18-''Sloppy'' Henry-Foggy Morning Blues.mp3
19-''Sloppy'' Henry-Bobbed Haired Woman Blues.mp3
20-''Sloppy'' Henry-Traveling Blues.mp3
21-''Sloppy'' Henry-Goose-Pecked Man.mp3
22-''Sloppy'' Henry-Alias Charley Jones Blues.mp3
23-''Sloppy'' Henry-Run Away Blues.mp3
24-Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six-Let's Start Over Again.mp3
25-Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six-Trombone Moanin' Blues.mp3


  1. The first song, The Black Bottom Blues sounds a lot like Papa's On The Rooftop by LeRoy Carr to me. Really like the Jazz Six sides as well- excellent! Although there are some great Documents CDs out there, their rough quality and "complete at any cost" mentality can be a bit teejus, but thank you all the same!

  2. I agree that there is a similarity in that first track to Papa's On The Rooftop. I quite like the obsessively completist approach of Document myself! Very good to have them made available on this blog.