Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Hoosier Hot Shots - Who's Your Little Hoosier

01-Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg.mp3
02-Rural Rhythm.mp3
04-Too Little, Too Late, Little Darlin'.mp3
05-Bringin' Home The Bacon.mp3
06-After You've Gone.mp3
07-It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'.mp3
08-Meet Me By The Icehouse, Lizzie.mp3
09-This Is The Chorus.mp3
10-Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
11-Bye Bye Blues.mp3
12-Down Home Rag.mp3
13-Farewell Blues.mp3
14-Four Thousand Years Ago.mp3
15-No Romance In Your Soul.mp3
17-Bow Wow Blues.mp3
18-Who's Your Little Hoosier.mp3
20-Bye, Bye, Bessie.mp3
21-Alexander's Ragtime Band.mp3
22-When The Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies.mp3
23-How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm.mp3
24-The Dummy Song.mp3
25-Them Hillbillies Are Mountain Willies Now.mp3
26-In A Little Red Barn.mp3

The Harmonica Rascals - Peg O' My Heart

01-Orpheus Overture.mp3
02-Peg O' My Heart.mp3
03-Dance, Dance, Dance.mp3
05-Beer Barrel Polka.mp3
06-George M. Cohen Medley.mp3
07-Saber Dance.mp3
08-Dixie; Shortnin' Bread.mp3
09-Monti's Czardas.mp3
10-Mexican Hat Dance.mp3
11-Tarantella; Funiculi Funicula.mp3
12-Military Medley.mp3

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Space Age Pop Vol. 1 - Melodies And Mischief

01-The Three Suns-Delicado.mp3
02-Sir Julian-Caravan.mp3
03-Bob Thompson, His Choir & Orchestra-The Little Black Box.mp3
04-Esquivel And His Orchestra-Foolin' Around.mp3
05-Henri Rene And His Orchestra-Whispering.mp3
06-John Klein And Sid Ramin-The 3rd Man Theme.mp3
07-Marty Gold And His Organ Ensemble-Sentimental Journey.mp3
08-Henri Rene & His Orchestra And Chorus-Roller Coaster.mp3
09-Dennis Farnon And His Orchestra-Isle Of Capri.mp3
10-Henry Mancini-Springtime For Hitler.mp3
11-The Markko Polo Adventurers-Scheherazade.mp3
12-Bob Thompson, His Chorus & Orchestra-Diga Diga Doo.mp3
13-Perez Prado-Why Wait.mp3
14-Russ Case And His Orchestra-The Doll Dance.mp3
15-The Three Suns-Smoke.mp3
16-Sid Bass-Powerhouse.mp3

The ''5'' Royales - It's Hard But It's Fair (The King Hits And Rarities)

01-My Wants For Love.mp3
02-I'm Gonna Run It Down.mp3
03-I Can't Stand Losing You.mp3
04-Mohawk Squaw.mp3
05-One Mistake.mp3
06-I Need Your Lovin' Baby.mp3
07-Every Dog Has His Day.mp3
08-Women About To Make Me Go Crazy.mp3
09-Behave Yourself.mp3
10-Do Unto You.mp3
11-Mine Forevermore.mp3
12-I Ain't Getting Caught.mp3
13-I Could Love You.mp3
14-Say It.mp3
16-The Feeling Is Real.mp3
17-The Slummer The Slum.mp3
18-Your Only Love.mp3
19-Tell The Truth.mp3
20-Dedicated To The One I Love.mp3
21-I Know It's Hard But It's Fair.mp3
22-Don't Give No More Than You Can Take.mp3
23-(Something Moves Me) Within My Heart.mp3
24-It Hurts Inside.mp3
26-I'm With You.mp3

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Space Age Pop Vol. 2 - Mallets In Wonderland

01-The Three Suns-Caravan.mp3
02-Henri Rene And His Orchestra-Hansel And Pretzel.mp3
03-Russ Case And His Orchestra-War Dance Of The Wooden Indians.mp3
04-Bernie Green And His Guitar Orchestra-Steel Bones.mp3
05-Henry Mancini And His Orchestra-Something For Cat.mp3
06-Bob Thompson, His Chorus And Orchestra-Ain't We Got Fun.mp3
07-Markko Polo Adventures-The Girl Friend Of A Whirling Dervish.mp3
08-Perez Prado And His Orchestra-Moniter Mambo.mp3
09-The Three Suns-Fever.mp3
10-Sauter-Finegan Orchestra-When Two Trees Fall In Love.mp3
11-Markko Polo Adventures-Rain In Rangoon.mp3
12-Esquivel And His Orchestra-Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali).mp3
13-Russ Case And His Orchestra-The Sailor's Dance (Dance Of The Russian Sailors).mp3
14-Sid Bass And His Orchestra-Chant Of The Jungle.mp3
15-The Three Suns-Colonel Bogey March.mp3
16-Sauter-Finegan Orchestra-Swingcussion.mp3

Chet Baker Introduces Johnny Pace Accompanied By The Chet Baker Quintet

01-All Or Nothing At All.mp3
02-Crazy She Calls Me.mp3
03-The Way You Look Tonight.mp3
04-This Is Always.mp3
05-When The Sun Comes Out.mp3
06-What Is There To Say.mp3
07-Ev'rything I've Got.mp3
08-We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together.mp3
09-It Might As Well Be Spring.mp3

Monday, March 28, 2016

Space Age Pop Vol. 3 - The Stereo Action Dimension

01-Dick Schory's Percussion And Brass Ensemble-Runnin' Wild.mp3
02-Henri Rene And His Orchestra-Punctuated Performance.mp3
03-Esquivel And His Orchestra-Carioca.mp3
04-Leo Addeo And His Orchestra-Stumbling.mp3
05-Ray Martin And His Orchestra-Mood Indigo.mp3
06-Dick Schory's Percussion And Brass Ensemble-Lazy Bones.mp3
07-The Three Suns-Danny's Inferno.mp3
08-Bernie Green And His Orchestra-Under Paris Skies (Sous Le Ciel De Paris).mp3
09-Bernie Green And His Orchestra-Ping Pong.mp3
10-Henri Rene And His Orchestra-Manhattan Idyl.mp3
11-Leo Addeo And His Orchestra-Love Is Just Around The Corner.mp3
12-The Guitars Unlimited Plus 7-Crazy Rhythm.mp3
13-Ray Martin And His Orchestra-Lullaby Of The Leaves.mp3
14-The Three Suns-Autumn Leaves.mp3
15-Marty Gold And His Orchestra-High On A Windy Hill.mp3
16-Esquivel And His Orchestra-Adios, Mariquita Linda.mp3

Chet Baker - Pretty/Groovy

01-Look For The Silver Lining.mp3
02-Time After Time.mp3
03-Travelin' Light.mp3
04-My Funny Valentine.mp3
05-There Will Never Be Another You.mp3
06-The Thrill Is Gone.mp3
07-But Not For Me.mp3
08-Band Aid.mp3
10-Carson City Stage.mp3
11-Long Ago And Far Away.mp3
12-Easy To Love.mp3
13-Winter Wonderland.mp3
14-Batter Up.mp3

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rufus Thomas - The Early Years

01-Bear Cat.mp3
02-Crazy 'Bout You Baby.mp3
03-Married Woman.mp3
04-Tiger Man.mp3
05-No More Doggin' Around.mp3
06-Easy Living Plan.mp3
07-I'll Be A Good Boy.mp3
08-Gonna Bring My Baby Back.mp3
09-Save That Money.mp3
10-Walking In The Rain.mp3
11-Decorate The Counter.mp3
12-I'm So Worried.mp3
13-Why Did You Dee Gee.mp3
14-I'm Steady Holding On.mp3
15-Night Workin' Blues.mp3
16-Beer Bottle Boogie.mp3

Chet Baker Sings - It Could Happen To You

01-Do It The Hard Way.mp3
02-I'm Old Fashioned.mp3
03-You're Driving Me Crazy.mp3
04-It Could Happen To You.mp3
05-My Heart Stood Still.mp3
06-The More I See You.mp3
07-Everything Happens To Me.mp3
08-Dancing On The Ceiling.mp3
09-How Long Has This Been Going On.mp3
10-Old Devil Moon.mp3
11-While My Lady Sleeps (Take 10).mp3
12-You Make Me Feel So Young (Take 5).mp3
13-The More I See You (Take 8).mp3
14-Everything Happens To Me (Take 2).mp3

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Risque Rhythm - Nasty 50s R&B

01-Moose Jackson-Big Ten-Inch Record.mp3
02-Dinah Washington-Big Long Slidin' Thing.mp3
03-The ''5'' Royales-Laundromat Blues.mp3
04-Fluffy Hunter-The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out).mp3
05-Wynonie Harris-Wasn't That Good.mp3
06-Roy Brown-Butcher Pete - Pt. 1.mp3
07-The Swallows-It Ain't The Meat.mp3
08-The Dominoes-Sixty-Minute Man.mp3
09-The Sultans-Lemon Squeezing Daddy.mp3
10-The Royals-Work With Me Annie.mp3
11-Wynonie Harris-Keep On Churnin'.mp3
12-Lucky Millinder-Silent George.mp3
13-Dinah Washington-Long John Blues.mp3
14-Eddie Davis-Mountain Oysters.mp3
15-Julia Lee-My Man Stands Out.mp3
16-The Bees-Toy Bell.mp3
17-Todd Rhodes-Rocket 69.mp3
18-The Toppers-(I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box.mp3

Stan Getz & Chet Baker - Stan Meets Chet

01-I'll Remember April.mp3
02-Autumn In New York.mp3
04-Half-Breed Apache.mp3

Friday, March 25, 2016

Ray Charles

01-Ain't That Love.mp3
02-Drown In My Own Tears.mp3
03-Come Back Baby.mp3
04-Sinner's Prayer.mp3
05-Funny (But I Still Love You).mp3
06-Losing Hand.mp3
07-A Fool For You.mp3
08-Hallelujah, I Love Her So.mp3
09-Mess Around.mp3
10-This Little Girl Of Mine.mp3
11-Mary Ann.mp3
13-Don't You Know.mp3
14-I Got A Woman.mp3

Chet Baker In New York

01-Fair Weather.mp3
02-Polka Dots And Moonbeams.mp3
03-Hotel 49.mp3
05-Blue Thoughts.mp3
06-When Lights Are Low.mp3
07-Soft Winds.mp3

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ray Charles - Ultimate Hits Collection - Disc 1

01-Mess Around.mp3
02-I've Got A Woman.mp3
03-A Fool For You.mp3
05-Drown In My Own Tears.mp3
06-Hallelujah I Love Her So.mp3
07-Lonely Avenue.mp3
08-Ain't That Love.mp3
09-(Night Time Is) The Right Time.mp3
10-What'd I Say Parts I & II.mp3
11-Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'.mp3
12-Them That Got.mp3
13-Sticks And Stones.mp3
14-Georgia On My Mind.mp3
16-One Mint Julep.mp3
17-I've Got News For You.mp3

Chet Baker Sextet

01-Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day.mp3
02-Dot's Groovy.mp3
03-Stella By Starlight.mp3
05-I'm Glad There Is You.mp3
06-The Half Dozens.mp3
07-Dot's Groovy (EP take).mp3
08-Stella By Starlight (EP take).mp3
09-A Minor Benign.mp3
11-Twenties Late.mp3

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ray Charles - Ultimate Hits Collection - Disc 2

01-Hit The Road Jack.mp3
02-Unchain My Heart.mp3
03-But On The Other Hand Baby.mp3
04-Hide 'Nor Hair.mp3
05-At The Club.mp3
06-I Can't Stop Loving You.mp3
07-You Don't Know Me.mp3
08-You Are My Sunshine.mp3
09-Don't Set Me Free.mp3
10-Take These Chains From My Heart.mp3
11-No One.mp3
13-Crying Time.mp3
14-Together Again.mp3
15-Let's Go Get Stoned.mp3
17-America The Beautiful.mp3
18-Seven Spanish Angels.mp3
19-I'll Be Good To You.mp3

Chet Baker - Embraceable You

01-The Night We Called It A Day.mp3
02-Little Girl Blue (Instrumental Version).mp3
03-Embraceable You.mp3
04-They All Laughed.mp3
05-There's A Lull In My Life.mp3
06-What Is There To Say.mp3
07-While My Lady Sleeps.mp3
09-How Long Has This Been Going On.mp3
10-Come Rain Or Come Shine.mp3
11-On Green Dolphin Street.mp3
12-Little Girl Blue (Vocal Version).mp3
13-Trav'lin' Light.mp3

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pee Wee Crayton - The Modern Legacy Volume 1

01-Texas Hop.mp3
02-Central Avenue Blues.mp3
03-Bounce Pee Wee.mp3
04-T For Texas (Mistreated Blues).mp3
05-Rosa Lee.mp3
06-Blues After Hours.mp3
07-I'm Still In Love With You.mp3
08-Pee Wee's Boogie.mp3
09-Louella Brown.mp3
10-From Blues To Boogie.mp3
11-Please Come Back.mp3
12-Rock Island Blues.mp3
13-Rockin' The Blues.mp3
14-Change Your Way Of Lovin'.mp3
15-Pee Wee's Wild.mp3
16-Black Gal.mp3
17-Boogie Woogie Upstairs.mp3
18-When Darkness Falls.mp3
19-Bop Hop.mp3
20-My Everything.mp3
21-Blues For My Baby.mp3
22-Tired Of Travelin'.mp3
23-Austin Boogie.mp3

Theme Music From ''The James Dean Story'' Featuring Chet Baker & Bud Shank

01-Jimmy's Theme.mp3
02-The Search.mp3
03-Lost Love.mp3
05-The Movie Star.mp3
06-Fairmont, Indiana.mp3
07-Rebel At Work.mp3
08-Success And Then What.mp3
09-Let Me Be Loved.mp3
11-Let Me Be Loved (vocal version).mp3

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pee Wee Crayton - The Modern Legacy Volume 2 - Blues Guitar Magic

01-Poppa Stoppa.mp3
02-Phone Call From My Baby.mp3
03-Crayton Special.mp3
04-I Love You So.mp3
05-I Love You So.mp3
06-Crayton's Blues.mp3
07-Texas Hop.mp3
08-Old Fashioned Baby.mp3
09-Answer To Blues After Hours.mp3
10-Good Little Woman.mp3
11-Thinkin' Of You.mp3
12-Long After Hours.mp3
13-Miserable Old Feeling (Save A Tear For Me).mp3
14-Austin Boogie.mp3
15-Louella Brown.mp3
16-Huckle Boogie.mp3
17-Brand New Woman.mp3
18-When A Man Has The Blues.mp3
19-Tired Of Travelin'.mp3
20-California Woman.mp3
21-Blues For My Baby.mp3
22-My Everything.mp3
23-Dedicating The Blues.mp3
24-Cool Evening.mp3
25-Have You Lost Your Love For Me.mp3

Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Playboys

01-For Minors Only.mp3
02-Minor Yours.mp3
03-Resonant Emotions.mp3
04-Tynan Tyme.mp3
05-Picture Of Heath.mp3
06-For Miles And Miles.mp3

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pee Wee Crayton - Blues After Hours

01-Texas Hop.mp3
02-Blues After Hours.mp3
03-I Love You So.mp3
04-Got A Letter From My Baby.mp3
05-Central Avenue Blues.mp3
06-California Woman.mp3
07-Bonce Pee Wee.mp3
08-Change Your Way Of Lovin'.mp3
09-Jack And The Beanstalk.mp3
10-Please Come Back.mp3
11-Dedicating The Blues To You.mp3
12-Rockin' The Blues.mp3
13-Crayton's Blues.mp3
14-Pee Wee's Boogie.mp3
15-Some Rainy Day.mp3
16-Tired Of Travelin'.mp3
17-Mistreated Blues.mp3
18-Oh Yeah Boogie.mp3
19-Blues For My Baby.mp3

Russ Freeman & Chet Baker - Quartet

01-Love Nest.mp3
02-Fan Tan.mp3
03-Summer Sketch.mp3
04-An Afternoon At Home.mp3
05-Say When.mp3
06-Lush Life.mp3
08-Hugo Hurwhey.mp3

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pee Wee Crayton - Blues After Hours

02-Hurry, Hurry.mp3
03-Runnin' Wild.mp3
04-I Got News For You.mp3
05-Don't Break My Heart.mp3
06-Blues Before Dawn.mp3
07-Don't Go.mp3
08-The Telephone Is Ringing.mp3
09-Mistreated So Bad.mp3
10-Poppa Stoppa.mp3
11-Phone Call From My Baby.mp3
12-Tired Of Travellin'.mp3
13-California Women.mp3
14-Blues For My Baby.mp3
15-Rosa Lee.mp3
16-Guitar Boogie.mp3
17-Dedicated To The Blues.mp3
18-Brand New Woman.mp3
19-I Love You So.mp3
20-Texas Hop.mp3
21-Blues After Hours.mp3
22-After Hours Boogie.mp3

Chet Baker Big Band

02-A Foggy Day.mp3
03-Darn That Dream.mp3
06-Not Too Slow.mp3
07-Phil's Blues.mp3
10-Worrying The Life Out Of Me.mp3
11-Little Man You've Had A Busy Day.mp3
12-Dot's Groovy.mp3
13-Stella By Starlight.mp3
15-I'm Glad There Is You.mp3
16-The Half Dozens.mp3

Friday, March 18, 2016

Pee Wee Crayton - The Complete Aladdin And Imperial Recordings

01-When It Rains It Pours.mp3
04-Do Unto Others.mp3
05-Every Dog Has His Day.mp3
06-Hurry, Hurry.mp3
07-Eyes Full Of Tears.mp3
08-I Need Your Love.mp3
09-You Know-Yeah.mp3
10-Runnin' Wild.mp3
11-My Idea About You.mp3
12-I Got News For You.mp3
13-Baby Don't You Cry.mp3
14-Don't Break My Heart.mp3
15-Wondering Why.mp3
16-Yours Truly.mp3
17-I Must Go On.mp3
18-Be Faithful.mp3
19-Blues Before Dawn.mp3
20-Don't Go.mp3

Chet Baker - Live In Europe 1956

01-Ray's Idea.mp3
02-This Is Always.mp3
03-You Don't Know What Love Is.mp3
04-Stella By Starlight.mp3

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pee Wee Crayton - The Johnny & Shuggie Otis Sessions

01-Texas Hop.mp3
02-Don't Forget To Close The Door.mp3
03-If I Ever Get Lucky.mp3
04-Blues In The Ghetto.mp3
05-Louella Brown.mp3
06-Blues After Hours.mp3
07-My Baby's On The Line.mp3
09-Need Your Love So Bad.mp3
10-In The Evenin'.mp3

Chet Baker & Art Pepper - The Route

01-Tynan Time.mp3
02-The Route.mp3
03-Sonny Boy.mp3
04-Minor Yours.mp3
05-Little Girl.mp3
06-Ol' Croix.mp3
07-I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
08-The Great Lie.mp3
09-Sweet Lorraine.mp3
10-If I Should Love You.mp3
11-Younger Than Springtime.mp3

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Otis Williams & The Charms - 30 of their favorites!

01-Hearts Of Stone.mp3
02-Save Me, Save Me.mp3
03-Pardon Me.mp3
04-In Paradise.mp3
05-That's Your Mistake.mp3
06-One Kind Word From You.mp3
07-Too Late I Learned.mp3
08-It's All Over.mp3
09-Gum Drop.mp3
11-Rickety Rainbow Man.mp3
12-Nowhere On Earth.mp3
13-Two Hearts.mp3
14-My Friend.mp3
15-Who Knows.mp3
16-Do Be You.mp3
17-Could This Be Magic.mp3
18-One Night Only.mp3
19-Tears Of Happiness.mp3
20-You'll Remain Forever.mp3
21-Whadaya Want.mp3
22-Tell Me Now.mp3
23-Let Some Love In Your Heart.mp3
24-Oh Julie.mp3
25-No Got De Woman.mp3
26-I'm Waiting Just For You.mp3
27-Dynamite Darling.mp3
28-Burning Lips.mp3
29-It's You, You, You.mp3
30-I'd Like To Thank You, Mr. DJ.mp3

Chet Baker Cools Out

01-The Route.mp3
02-Lucius Lou.mp3
03-Pawnee Junction.mp3
04-Extra Mild.mp3
06-Jumpin' Off A Cliff.mp3

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Modern Jazz by Eddie Davis

01-Dizzy Atmosphere.mp3
02-It's The Talk Of The Town.mp3
03-Leaping On Lenox.mp3
04-This Is Always.mp3
06-I'll Remember April.mp3
07-Moonlight In Vermont.mp3
08-Johnny Come Lately.mp3
09-You Go To My Head.mp3
10-Foggy Day.mp3
12-The Way You Look Tonight.mp3

Chet Baker Quintet At the Forum Theatre

01-Extra Mild.mp3
04-Night On Bop Mountain.mp3
05-Jumpin Off A Clef.mp3
06-I Can't Get Started.mp3
08-Pawnee Junction.mp3
09-Music To Dance To.mp3

Monday, March 14, 2016

Melvin Smith - At His Best - CD 1

01-Up On The Hill.mp3
02-School Boy Blues.mp3
03-Reliefin' Blues.mp3
04-They Ain't Gonna Tell It Right.mp3
05-Rampaging Mama.mp3
06-Homesick Blues.mp3
07-Come Back My Darlin'.mp3
08-Real True Gal.mp3
09-Everybody's Got The Blues.mp3
10-I Remember.mp3
11-California Baby.mp3
13-Baby I'll Be There.mp3
14-I'm Out Of My Mind.mp3
15-Woman Trainer.mp3
16-Business Man's Blues.mp3

Chet Baker - I Get Chet

01-How About You.mp3
02-Once In A While.mp3
04-Alone Together.mp3
07-Tasty Pudding.mp3
08-Anticipated Blues.mp3
09-V Line.mp3
11-Cheryl (Bonus Track).mp3
12-Exitus (quintet version) (Bonus Track).mp3
13-Dear Old Stockholm (Bonus Track).mp3
14-All The Things You Are (Bonus Track).mp3
15-Everything Happens To Me (Bonus Track).mp3
16-V Line (first version) (Bonus Track).mp3
17-In Memory Of Dick (Bonus Track).mp3

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Melvin Smith - At His Best - CD 2

01-Sarah Kelly (From Plumnelly).mp3
02-Six Times Six.mp3
03-Call Me Darling, Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear.mp3
04-What's To Become Of Me.mp3
05-Hot Ziggety Zag.mp3
06-Letter To My Baby.mp3
07-I Don't Have To Hunt No More.mp3
08-Every Pound.mp3
09-Miss Brown.mp3
10-I Feel Like Goin' Home.mp3
11-It Went Down Easy.mp3
12-Why Do These Things Have To Be.mp3
13-Things You Oughta Know.mp3
14-No Baby.mp3
15-You Can't Stay Here.mp3
16-Crazy Baby.mp3

Chet Baker In Europe - A Jazz Tour Of The NATO Countries

02-You Go To My Head.mp3
04-Autumn In New York.mp3
05-There's A Small Hotel.mp3
07-Piece Caprice.mp3
08-Mid-Fort E.mp3
10-Sad Walk.mp3
11-The Girl From Greenland.mp3

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Honky Tonk! - The King & Federal R&B Instrumentals

01-Bill Doggett-Honky Tonk (Part 1).mp3
02-Bill Doggett-Honky Tonk (Part 2).mp3
03-Freddy King-Hide Away.mp3
04-Todd Rhodes-Blues For The Red Boy.mp3
05-Earl Bostic-Flamingo.mp3
06-Sonny Thompson-Long Gone (Part 1).mp3
07-Sonny Thompson-Long Gone (Part 2).mp3
08-Washboard Bill-Pot Likker.mp3
09-Cal Green-The Big Push.mp3
10-Jimmy Nolen-After Hours.mp3
11-Bill Doggett-Slow Walk.mp3
12-Freddy King-San-Ho-Zay.mp3
13-Washboard Bill-Washboard Story.mp3
14-Johnny Otis-Early In The Morning Blues.mp3
15-Cal Green-Green's Blues.mp3
16-Roy Gaines-Gainesville.mp3
17-Jimmy Nolen-Strollin' With Nolen.mp3
18-Washboard Bill-In The Morning.mp3
19-Young John Watson-Space Guitar.mp3
20-Pete 'Guitar' Lewis-Louisiana Hop.mp3
21-Washboard Bill-River Boat Dock.mp3
22-Johnny Otis-Let's Rock (Let's Surf Awhile).mp3
23-Freddy King-The Stumble.mp3
24-Bill Doggett-Hold It.mp3

Chet Baker & Crew

01-To Mickey's Memory.mp3
02-Slightly Above Moderate.mp3
05-Something For Liza.mp3
06-Lucius Lu.mp3
07-Worryin' The Life Out Of Me.mp3
08-Medium Rock.mp3
09-To Michey's Memory (alt take).mp3
10-Jumpin' Off A Clef.mp3
12-Pawnee Junction.mp3
13-Music To Dance By.mp3
14-Line For Lyons.mp3

Friday, March 11, 2016

H-Bomb Ferguson - Big City Blues 1951-54

01-Wine Head.mp3
02-Hard Lovin' Woman.mp3
03-I Love My Baby.mp3
04-Rock H-Bomb Rock.mp3
05-On My Way.mp3
06-Good Time Gal.mp3
07-Feel Like I Do.mp3
08-My Love.mp3
09-Slowly Goin' Crazy.mp3
10-Preachin' The Blues.mp3
11-Sundown Blues.mp3
12-Good Lovin'.mp3
13-Give It Up.mp3
14-Big City Blues.mp3
15-My Brown Frame Baby.mp3
16-New Way Blues.mp3
17-Bookie's Blues.mp3
18-Life Is Hard.mp3
19-Hot Kisses.mp3
20-Tortured Love.mp3
21-Work For My Baby.mp3
22-My Baby's Blues.mp3
23-I Need You Baby.mp3
24-You Made Me Baby.mp3
25-She's Been Gone.mp3
26-Nobody Knows.mp3
27-Baby Don't Go.mp3
29-Baby Please.mp3
30-Hole In The Wall.mp3
31-Double Crossin' Daddy.mp3

Chet Baker Quartet - Köln Concert Featuring Dick Twardzik

01-Announcement by Gigi Campi and Chet Baker.mp3
03-Announcement by Chet Baker.mp3
06-Chet Baker presents Dick Twardzik's solo feature.mp3
07-Yellow Tango.mp3
08-Someone To Watch Over Me.mp3
10-My Funny Valentine.mp3
11-Announcement - Campi introduces Hans Koller and Willi Sanner.mp3
12-Cool Blues.mp3
13-I'll Remember April.mp3
14-Exitus (Closing words by Chet Baker).mp3

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fever - The Best of Little Willie John

01-All Around The World.mp3
02-Need Your Love So Bad.mp3
03-Home At Last.mp3
05-My Nerves.mp3
06-Suffering With The Blues.mp3
07-Person To Person.mp3
08-Talk To Me, Talk To Me.mp3
10-Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good.mp3
11-Leave My Kitten Alone.mp3
12-Let Them Talk.mp3
13-I'm Shakin'.mp3
14-Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me).mp3
16-You Hurt Me.mp3
17-I Like To See My Baby (with Hank Ballard).mp3
18-Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You).mp3
19-Big Blue Diamonds.mp3
20-My Baby's In Love With Another Guy.mp3


Chet Baker - In Europe, 1955

03-Darn That Dream.mp3
06-Exitus - Theme.mp3
08-Indian Summer.mp3
09-All The Things You Are.mp3

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cecil Young Quartet - A Concert Of Cool Jazz

01-Race Horse.mp3
02-Stompin' At The Savoy.mp3
04-Sweet Georgia Bop.mp3
06-Flying Home.mp3
07-Too Marvelous For Words.mp3
08-Who Parked The Car.mp3
09-Walking With Symphony Sid.mp3

Chet Baker Sings and Plays with Bud Shank, Russ Freeman and Strings

01-Let's Get Lost.mp3
02-This Is Always.mp3
03-Long Ago (And Far Away).mp3
04-Someone To Watch Over Me.mp3
05-Just Friends.mp3
06-I Wish I Knew.mp3
08-You Don't Know What Love Is.mp3
09-Grey December.mp3
10-I Remember You.mp3
11-Let's Get Lost (Alternate Take).mp3

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Borrah Minevitch + Jerry Murad - Peg O' My Heart & Other Harmonica Favourites

01-The Carioca.mp3
02-Chinatown, My Chinatown.mp3
03-Daybreak Express.mp3
06-Bugle Call Rag.mp3
07-Caprice Viennois.mp3
08-On Treasure Island.mp3
09-Limehouse Blues.mp3
10-I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'; You Are My Lucky Star.mp3
11-The Ghost Walk.mp3
12-Deep River.mp3
14-Hora Staccato.mp3
15-La Violetera.mp3
16-On The Loose.mp3
17-Boots And Saddle.mp3
18-The Music Goes 'Round And Around.mp3
19-Peg O' My Heart.mp3
20-Fantasy Impromptu.mp3
21-Bye Bye Blues.mp3
22-Willow Weep For Me.mp3

Chet Baker Quartet - The Trumpet Artistry of Chet Baker

01-I'm Glad There Is You.mp3
02-Moon Love.mp3
03-Moonlight Becomes You.mp3
05-Little Man You've Had a Busy Day.mp3
07-All the Things You Are.mp3
08-No Ties.mp3
09-Happy Little Sunbeam.mp3
10-Bea's Flat.mp3
11-Russ Job.mp3
12-Tommy Hawk.mp3
13-But Not for Me (Bonus Track).mp3
14-Time After Time (Bonus Track).mp3

Monday, March 7, 2016

All Star Rock And Roll Revue

01-Lucky Millinder-Oh Babe.mp3
02-The Charms-Hearts Of Stone.mp3
03-The Swallows-Beside You.mp3
04-The Platters-Voo-Vee-Ah-Bee.mp3
05-Cathy Ryan-24 Hours A Day.mp3
06-Earl King-Don't Take It So Hard.mp3
07-Billy Ward And His Dominoes-Sixty Minute Man.mp3
08-Tiny Bradshaw-Walkin' The Chalk Line.mp3
09-Bill Doggett-High Heels.mp3
10-The Midnighters-Work With Me Annie.mp3
11-Little Willie John-All Around The World.mp3
12-Earl Bostic-Cocktails For Two.mp3

Chet Baker Quartet - Jazz At Ann Arbor

02-Line For Lyons.mp3
03-Lover Man.mp3
04-My Funny Valentine.mp3
05-Maid In Mexico.mp3
06-Stella By Starlight.mp3
07-My Old Flame.mp3
09-Russ Job.mp3
10-Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart.mp3
11-My Little Suede Shoes.mp3
12-Line For Lyons.mp3
13-My Old Flame.mp3
14-Everything Happens To Me.mp3