Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 1

01-Race With The Devil.mp3
03-Woman Love.mp3
04-I Sure Miss You.mp3
06-Crazy Legs.mp3
07-Peg O' My Heart.mp3
08-Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine).mp3
09-Waltz Of The Wind.mp3
10-Up A Lazy River.mp3
11-Ain't She Sweet.mp3
12-Gonna Back Up Baby.mp3
13-Who Slapped John.mp3
14-Jumps, Giggles And Shouts.mp3
15-Bluejean Bop.mp3
16-I Flipped.mp3
17-Bop Street.mp3
18-Well, I Knocked Bim Bam.mp3
19-You Told A Fib.mp3
20-Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back.mp3
21-Teenage Partner (Version 1).mp3
22-Blues Stay Away From Me.mp3
23-Five Feet Of Lovin' (Version 1).mp3
24-Cat Man.mp3
25-Double Talkin' Baby.mp3
26-Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me.mp3
27-Unchained Melody.mp3

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 2

01-B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go.mp3
02-Pink Thunderbird.mp3
03-Pretty, Pretty Baby.mp3
05-Important Words (Version 1).mp3
06-You Better Believe.mp3
07-Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail.mp3
08-Five Days, Five Days.mp3
09-In My Dreams (Demo).mp3
10-I Got It.mp3
11-Wear My Ring.mp3
12-Lotta Lovin'.mp3
13-Rollin' Danny.mp3
14-Time Will Bring You Everything.mp3
15-True To You.mp3
16-In My Dreams.mp3
17-Dance To The Bop.mp3
18-By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.mp3
19-Right Now.mp3
20-You'll Never Walk Alone.mp3
21-I Got A Baby.mp3
22-Your Cheatin' Heart.mp3
23-Baby Blue.mp3
24-Walkin' Home From School.mp3
25-It's No Lie.mp3
26-Should I Ever Love Again.mp3
27-Flea Brain.mp3
28-Brand New Beat.mp3
29-Frankie And Johnnie.mp3

Monday, May 30, 2016

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 3

01-You Belong To Me.mp3
02-Keep It A Secret.mp3
03-Yes I Love You, Baby.mp3
04-Dance In The Street.mp3
05-Git It.mp3
06-I Love You.mp3
07-Teenage Partner (Version 2).mp3
08-Peace Of Mind.mp3
09-Lovely Loretta.mp3
10-Little Lover.mp3
11-Rocky Road Blues.mp3
12-Somebody Help Me.mp3
13-Five Feet Of Lovin' (Version 2).mp3
14-Look What You Gone And Done To Me.mp3
15-Hey, Good Lookin'.mp3
17-I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You).mp3
18-The Wayward Wind.mp3
19-Now Is The Hour.mp3
20-In Love Again (Demo).mp3
21-Say Mama (Hey Mama) (Demo).mp3
22-The Night Is So Lonely (Demo 1).mp3
23-The Night Is So Lonely (Demo 2).mp3
24-Lonesome Boy (Demo).mp3
25-Lady Bug (Demo).mp3
26-Lonesome Boy.mp3
27-You Are The One For Me.mp3

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 4

01-In Love Again.mp3
02-Say Mama.mp3
03-Be Bop Boogie Boy.mp3
04-I Can't Believe You Want To Leave.mp3
05-I Got To Get To You Yet.mp3
06-My Heart.mp3
07-The Night Is So Lonely.mp3
08-Beautiful Brown Eyes.mp3
09-Rip It Up.mp3
11-High Blood Pressure.mp3
12-Who's Pushing Your Swing.mp3
14-Gone, Gone, Gone.mp3
15-I Might Have Known.mp3
16-Important Words (Version 2).mp3
17-My Baby Don't Low.mp3
18-Over The Rainbow.mp3
19-Ready Teddy.mp3
20-Vincent's Blues.mp3
21-Pretty Pearly.mp3
22-Accentuate The Positive.mp3
23-She She Little Sheila.mp3
24-Darlene (Version 1).mp3
25-Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive.mp3
26-Crazy Times.mp3
27-Green Back Dollar.mp3
28-Big Fat Saturday Night.mp3
29-Wild Cat.mp3
30-Hot Dollar.mp3
31-Right Here On Earth (Version 1).mp3
32-Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.mp3
33-Everybody's Got A Date But Me.mp3
34-Mitchiko From Tokyo.mp3

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 5

01-Pretty Pearly.mp3
02-Accentuate The Positive.mp3
03-She She Little Sheila.mp3
04-Darlene (Version 2).mp3
05-Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive.mp3
06-Crazy Times.mp3
07-Green Back Dollar.mp3
08-Big Fat Saturday Night.mp3
09-Wild Cat.mp3
10-Hot Dollar.mp3
11-Right Here On Earth (Version 2).mp3
12-Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.mp3
13-Everybody's Got A Date But Me.mp3
14-Mitchiko From Tokyo.mp3
15-Pistol Packin' Mama.mp3
16-Weeping Willow.mp3
17-Crazy Beat.mp3
18-I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat.mp3
19-It's Been Nice.mp3
20-That's The Trouble With Love.mp3
21-Good Lovin'.mp3
22-Mister Loneliness.mp3
24-If You Want My Lovin'.mp3
25-I'm Going Home (To See My Baby).mp3
26-Love Of A Man.mp3
27-Baby Don't Believe Him.mp3
28-Lucky Star.mp3

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 6

01-Spaceship To Mars.mp3
02-There I Go Again.mp3
03-The King Of Fools.mp3
04-You're Still In My Heart.mp3
05-Held For Questioning.mp3
06-Be-Bop-A-Lula '62.mp3
07-Temptation Baby.mp3
08-Where Have You Been All My Life.mp3
09-The Beginning Of The End.mp3
11-Humpity Dumpity.mp3
12-A Love 'Em And Leave 'Em Kinda Guy.mp3
13-Love, Love, Love.mp3
14-Lavender Blue.mp3
15-You Are My Sunshine.mp3
16-Slippin' And Slidin'.mp3
17-Private Detective.mp3
18-Shimmy Shammy Shingle.mp3
19-Long Tall Sally.mp3
20-Good Golly, Miss Molly.mp3
21-Send Me Some Lovin'.mp3
23-Another Saturday Night.mp3
24-Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You).mp3
25-Baby Blue.mp3
26-Susie Q.mp3

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 7

02-Ain't That Too Much.mp3
03-Lonely Street.mp3
04-I've Got My Eyes On You (And I Like What I See).mp3
05-Love Is A Bird.mp3
06-Born To Be A Rolling Stone.mp3
07-Hurtin' For You Baby.mp3
08-Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo.mp3
09-Poor Man's Prison.mp3
10-I'm A Lonesome Fugitive.mp3
11-Words And Music.mp3
12-Am I That Easy To Forget.mp3
13-Pickin' Poppies.mp3
14-Story Of The Rockers.mp3
15-In The Pines.mp3
16-White Lightning.mp3
17-Lotta Lovin'.mp3
18-Circle Never Broken.mp3
19-Black Letter.mp3
20-Rainbow At Midnight.mp3
21-I Heard That Lonesome Whistle.mp3
22-Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair).mp3
23-Rockin' Robin.mp3
24-Ruby Baby.mp3
25-Sexy Ways.mp3
26-Be-Bop-A-Lula '69.mp3
27-Pickin' Poppies (1970 Remix).mp3
28-Story Of The Rockers (1970 Remix).mp3

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 8

02-I Need Woman's Love.mp3
03-Slow Times Comin'.mp3
04-Danse Colinda.mp3
06-500 Miles.mp3
07-Listen To The Music.mp3
08-If Only You Could See Me Today.mp3
09-A Million Shades Of Blue.mp3
10-Tush Hog.mp3
11-How I Love Them Old Songs.mp3
12-High On Life.mp3
13-You Can Make It If You Try.mp3
14-There Is Something On Your Mind.mp3
15-North Carolina Line.mp3
16-Our Souls.mp3
17-Oh Lonesome Me.mp3
18-Boppin' The Blues.mp3
19-The Day The World Turned Blue.mp3
20-The Woman In Black.mp3
21-Looking Back.mp3
22-Say Mama.mp3
23-I'm Movin' On.mp3

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rick Nelson - Another Side Of Rick & Perspective

01-Dream Weaver.mp3
02-Marshmallow Skies.mp3
03-Don't Blame It On Your Wife.mp3
04-Reason To Believe.mp3
05-Suzanne On A Sunday Morning.mp3
06-Baby Close Its Eyes.mp3
07-Barefoot Boy.mp3
08-Don't Make Promises.mp3
09-Promenade In Green.mp3
10-Georgia On My Mind.mp3
12-I Wonder If Louise Is Home.mp3
13-When The Sun's Shined Its Face On Me.mp3
14-Without Her.mp3
15-The Lady Stayed With Me.mp3
16-Three Day Eternity.mp3
17-For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her.mp3
18-Stop By My Window.mp3
19-Hello To The Wind (Bonjour Le Vent).mp3
20-Wait Till Next Year.mp3
21-Love Story.mp3
22-Medley - So Long Dad; Love Story (Reprise).mp3
23-I Think It's Gonna Rain Today.mp3

Rick Nelson - Best Always & Love And Kisses

01-I'm Not Ready For You Yet.mp3
02-You Don't Know Me.mp3
03-Ladies Choice.mp3
04-Lonely Corner.mp3
05-Only The Young.mp3
06-Mean Old World.mp3
07-I Know A Place.mp3
08-Since I Don't Have You.mp3
09-It's Beginning To Hurt.mp3
10-My Blue Heaven.mp3
11-How Does It Go.mp3
12-When The Chips Are Down.mp3
13-Love And Kisses.mp3
14-I Catch Myself Crying.mp3
15-Love Is Where You Find It.mp3
16-Try To Remember.mp3
17-Our Own Funny Way.mp3
19-Say You Love Me.mp3
21-Raincoat In The River.mp3
22-Come Out Dancin'.mp3
23-I Should Have Loved You More.mp3
24-I Paid For Loving You.mp3

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ricky Nelson - The Greatest Hits

01-Hello Mary Lou.mp3
02-Travelin' Man.mp3
03-Poor Little Fool.mp3
04-Garden Party.mp3
05-It's Late.mp3
06-You Know What I Mean.mp3
07-Young World.mp3
08-Lonesome Town.mp3
09-I Got A Feeling.mp3
10-Don't Leave Me This Way.mp3
11-I'm Walkin'.mp3
12-Believe What You Say.mp3
13-Waitin' In School.mp3
14-Never Be Anyone Else But You.mp3
15-Teenage Idol.mp3
16-Stood Up.mp3
17-Mighty Good.mp3
18-Just A Little Too Much.mp3
19-It's Up To You.mp3
20-Fools Rush In.mp3
21-Sweeter Than You.mp3
22-You Are The Only One.mp3

Ricky Nelson - Ricky Rocks

01-Shirley Lee.mp3
02-Stood Up.mp3
03-Be Bop Baby (Single Version).mp3
04-If You Can't Rock Me (Version 2).mp3
05-Waiting In School.mp3
06-Your True Love.mp3
07-Boppin' The Blues.mp3
08-My Bucket's Got A Hole In It.mp3
09-Baby I'm Sorry.mp3
10-Whole Lotta Shaking Going On.mp3
11-Am I Blue.mp3
12-Believe What You Say (Single Version).mp3
13-There's Good Rocking Tonight.mp3
14-Down The Line.mp3
15-I'm Walking.mp3
16-My Babe.mp3
17-I'm In Love Again.mp3
18-There Goes My Baby.mp3
19-I Got A Feeling.mp3
20-One Of These Mornings.mp3
21-You Tear Me Up.mp3
22-It's Late.mp3
23-Hey Pretty Baby.mp3
24-Don't Leave Me.mp3
25-Just A Little Too Much (Version 2).mp3
26-You'll Never Know What You're Missing.mp3
27-Mighty Good.mp3
28-Milk Cow Blues.mp3
29-Stop Sneaking Around.mp3
30-I've Been Thinking (Version 2).mp3
31-Ain't Nothing But Love.mp3
32-Travelin' Man.mp3
33-Hello Mary Lou.mp3

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Runaway With Del Shannon - Hats Off To Del Shannon

02-Day Dreams.mp3
03-His Latest Flame.mp3
04-The Prom.mp3
05-The Search.mp3
07-I Wake Up Crying.mp3
08-Wide Wide World.mp3
09-I'll Always Love You.mp3
11-He Doesn't Care.mp3
13-The Swiss Maid.mp3
14-Cry Myself To Sleep.mp3
15-Ginny In The Mirror.mp3
16-You Never Talked About Me.mp3
17-Don't Gild The Lily Lily.mp3
18-I Won't Be There.mp3
19-Hats Off To Larry.mp3
20-The Answer To Everything.mp3
21-Hey! Little Girl.mp3
22-I'm Gonna Move On.mp3
23-I Don't Care Anymore.mp3
24-So Long Bay.mp3
25-Runaway (Single Version).mp3
26-Hats Off To Larry (Stereo Version).mp3
27-Hey! Little Girl (Stereo Version).mp3

The Best Of Jack Scott 1957-1960

01-Baby, She Is Gone.mp3
02-Two Timin' Woman.mp3
04-My True Love.mp3
05-With Your Love.mp3
07-Goodbye Baby.mp3
08-Save My Soul.mp3
09-I Never Felt Like This.mp3
11-The Way I Walk.mp3
13-There Comes A Time.mp3
14-Baby Marie.mp3
15-What In The World's Come Over You.mp3
16-Baby Baby.mp3
17-Burning Bridges.mp3
18-Oh, Little One.mp3
19-It Only Happened Yesterday.mp3
20-Cool Water.mp3
22-Is There Something In Your Mind.mp3
24-Geraldine (Alt Take Stereo).mp3

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Las Tandas De Juan Garcia Esquivel

01-Collar de Perlas (A String Of Pearls).mp3
02-Potpourri Curiel.mp3
03-Medley (Blue Moon; White Christmas).mp3
04-Goya Universadad Rock And Roll.mp3
05-Una y Otra Vez.mp3
06-Sketch de Glenn Miller.mp3
07-Tren Nocturno.mp3
09-No Seas Asi (Don't Be That Way).mp3
10-Capullito de Alheli.mp3
11-Bailando Sobre el Tejado.mp3
12-Politecnico Rock And Roll.mp3
13-That Old Black Magic (Bonus Track).mp3
14-Nature Boy (Bonus Track).mp3

Esquivel And His Orchestra - Other Worlds Other Sounds

02-Begin The Beguine.mp3
03-Night And Day.mp3
07-That Old Black Magic.mp3
08-Nature Boy.mp3
09-Magic Is The Moonlight (Te Quiero Dijiste).mp3
10-Speak Low.mp3
12-It Had To Be You.mp3

Monday, May 23, 2016

Esquivel And His Orchestra - Strings Aflame

03-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers.mp3
04-Andalusian Sky.mp3
06-Sun Valley Ski Run.mp3
09-Foolin' Around.mp3
10-Gypsy Lament.mp3
11-I Love Paris.mp3
12-Turkish March.mp3

Esquivel And His Orchestra - Infinity In Sound Volume 2

01-Jalousie (Jealousy).mp3
02-Time On My Hands.mp3
03-Bye Bye Blues.mp3
05-Who's Sorry Now.mp3
06-Anna (El Negro Zumbon).mp3
07-Espana Cani.mp3
08-Sentimental Journey.mp3
10-Lullaby Of Birdland.mp3
11-La Bamba.mp3
12-Limehouse Blues.mp3

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Esquivel His Piano And His Orchestra - More Of Other Worlds, Other Sounds

01-The Breeze And I (Andalucia).mp3
02-Chant To The Night.mp3
03-Canadian Sunset.mp3
04-Street Scene.mp3
05-I Get A Kick Out Of You.mp3
07-Street Of Dreams.mp3
08-La Mantilla.mp3
09-One For My Baby (And One More For The Road).mp3
10-Dancing In The Dark.mp3

Esquivel Y Su Orchestra - 1968 Esquivel!!

02-Speak Low.mp3
04-Lamento Borincano.mp3
05-My Melancholy Baby.mp3
07-Mini Skirt.mp3
08-Esta Tarde Vi Llover.mp3
09-El Cable.mp3
10-Walking Happy.mp3

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Esquivel - Live in Las Vegas (at the Stardust Hotel, 1969)

01-Introductions - Sunny.mp3
02-A Man And A Woman.mp3
05-Introducing The Ladies.mp3
06-Ode To Billy Joe.mp3
07-The Impossible Dream (from ''Man Of La Mancha'').mp3
08-Those Groovy Kids Of Today - Uptight.mp3
09-Gonna Build A Mountain.mp3
10-Love Me With All Your Heart.mp3
11-Esquivel Says Goodnight.mp3

Juan Garcia Esquivel - Las Estrellas Del Fonografo

01-Vereda Tropical.mp3
03-Puerto Principe.mp3
04-Amar De Nuevo.mp3
06-Besame Mucho.mp3
07-Canto Karabalm.mp3
08-Lamento Borincano.mp3
09-Serenata Para Metales.mp3
10-Amor, Amor.mp3
11-La Raspa.mp3
12-Adios, Mariquita Linda.mp3
13-Jesusita De Chihuahua.mp3
15-Latin Esque.mp3
16-La Paloma.mp3
18-(Oyeme) Cachita.mp3
19-Jungle Drums (Canto Karabalo).mp3
20-Mucha Muchacha.mp3
21-You Belong To My Heart.mp3

Friday, May 20, 2016

Esquivel And His Orchestra - To Love Again

01-To Love Again.mp3
04-Moonlight Enchantment.mp3
07-Jungle Drums.mp3
08-Vereda Tropical.mp3
09-Hornblowers Serenade.mp3
10-Besame Mucho.mp3
12-Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You.mp3
13-Macarena (La Virgen De La Macarena) (Bonus Track).mp3
14-Frenesi (Bonus Track).mp3

Esquivel - Cabaret Trágico

01-Titulos Principio.mp3
02-Cabaret Tragico.mp3
04-La Noche (vocal).mp3
05-No Es Cierto.mp3
06-Pecado Mortal.mp3
08-Ya Para Qué.mp3
09-La Noche (instrumental).mp3
11-Te Engañé.mp3
12-Titulos Fin.mp3

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Esquivel, His Piano & Group - Four Corners Of The World

01-Dark Eyes.mp3
02-Blue Danube.mp3
04-Oye Negra.mp3
05-My Silent Love.mp3
06-Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.mp3
07-Tico Tico.mp3
08-April In Portugal.mp3
09-In A Persian Market.mp3
10-Torna A Sorrento.mp3
11-El Carro Del Sol (Venetian Love Song).mp3
12-Cielito Lindo.mp3

Esquivel And His Orchestra - Latin-esque

01-La Raspa.mp3
02-Adios, Mariquita Linda.mp3
03-Jesusita En Chihuahua.mp3
04-Cachito (Pedacito).mp3
06-La Paloma.mp3
08-(Oyeme) Cachita.mp3
09-Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali).mp3
10-Mucha Muchacha.mp3
11-You Belong To My Heart (Solamenet Una Vez).mp3

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Esquivel! - Actual

02-La Bikina.mp3
03-Agua De Beber.mp3
04-St. Louis Blues.mp3
05-Amor Amor.mp3
06-Perdon (Perdoname Mi Vida).mp3
07-Flower Girl From Bordeaux.mp3
09-Malaguena Salerosa (Sweetheart From Malaga).mp3
10-Besame Mucho.mp3
11-Question Mark (Que Vas A Hacer).mp3

Esquivel! - Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music

01-Sentimental Journey.mp3
03-Mucha Muchacha.mp3
05-Begin The Beguine.mp3
06-Lazy Bones.mp3
08-Music Makers.mp3
09-Harlem Nocturne.mp3
10-Jalousie (Jealousy).mp3
11-Bye Bye Blues.mp3
13-Who's Sorry Now.mp3
14-Anna (El Negro Zumbon).mp3

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Esquivel - Music From A Sparkling Planet

03-Third Man Theme.mp3
04-La Bikina.mp3
05-You Belong To My Heart.mp3
06-La Paloma.mp3
09-Question Mark (What Can You Do).mp3
10-My Blue Heaven.mp3
11-All Of Me.mp3
13-Flower Girl Of Bordeaux.mp3
14-The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.mp3

Esquivel - Cabaret Mañana

01-Mini Skirt.mp3
02-Johnson Rag.mp3
03-Night and Day.mp3
04-El Cable.mp3
05-Harlem Nocturne.mp3
06-Mucha Muchacha.mp3
07-Time On My Hands.mp3
10-Senitmental Journey.mp3
12-Limehouse Blues.mp3
14-April In Portugal.mp3
15-Take The ''A'' Train.mp3
16-Question Mark (Que Vas A Hacer).mp3
17-It Had To Be You.mp3
19-Lullaby Of Birdland.mp3
20-Flower Girl From Bordeaux.mp3

Monday, May 16, 2016

Les Baxter And His Orchestra - Ritual of the Savage (Le Sacre du Sauvage)

01-Busy Port.mp3
02-Sophisticated Savage.mp3
03-Jungle River Boat.mp3
04-Jungle Flower.mp3
06-Stone God.mp3
07-Quite Village.mp3
08-Jungle Jalopy.mp3
10-Love Dance.mp3
12-The Ritual.mp3

Martin Denny - Quiet Village

01-Stranger In Paradise.mp3
02-Hawaiian War Chant.mp3
04-Sake Rock.mp3
05-Paradise Found.mp3
08-My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii Cha Cha Cha.mp3
09-Tune From Rangoon.mp3
10-Happy Talk.mp3
11-Pagan Love Song.mp3
13-Quiet Village.mp3

Sunday, May 15, 2016

This Is The Best Ever Reggae Music - CD 1

101-Bob Marley-Soul Rebel.mp3
102-Horace Andy-Handle Me Rough.mp3
103-Delroy Williams-No Friend.mp3
104-Sammy Levy-Youth Man.mp3
105-Manifest-Ram Dance.mp3
106-Gregory Isaacs-Slave Master.mp3
107-Jr. Brammer-New Rude Boy.mp3
108-Bob Marley-My Cup.mp3
109-Delroy Williams-Do Them.mp3
110-Junior Delgado-Lovin' You In The Morning.mp3
111-Lady Shine-Condom.mp3
112-Sanchez-Take These Chains (And Set Me Free).mp3
113-Gregory Isaacs-Rock On.mp3
114-Major Scorpion-School Days.mp3
115-Horace Andy-Repatriation.mp3
116-Roman Stewart-Settle Down.mp3
117-Quench Aid-Get Closer To Me.mp3
118-Mystic-Ungrateful Girl Mystic.mp3

This Is The Best Ever Reggae Music - CD 2

201-Bob Marley-Touch Me.mp3
202-Gregory Isaacs-Badda.mp3
203-Louis Rankin-Boy George.mp3
204-Horace Andy-Nice And Easy.mp3
205-Danger Youth-Lady.mp3
206-Manifest-You Safi.mp3
207-Papa San-Good Love.mp3
208-Louis Rankin-Hot Me Hot.mp3
209-Bob Marley-Small Axe.mp3
210-Mighty General-Yesterday.mp3
211-Delroy Williams-From My Heart.mp3
212-Gregory Isaacs-The More I Get It.mp3
213-Quench Aid-Ram Dance Man.mp3
214-Bob Marley-Duppy Conqueror.mp3
215-Delroy Williams-Mr. Cops.mp3
216-Junior Delgado-Tell You I Tell You.mp3
217-Delroy Williams-Cool Out.mp3
218-Scratch Walkin aka The Upsetters-Scratch Walking.mp3

Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Is The Best Ever Reggae Music - CD 3

301-Bob Marley-Mellow Mood.mp3
302-Ricky Grant-Who Art Babylon.mp3
303-Beenie Man-Deejay Bad Man.mp3
304-Dennis Brown-Some Like It Hot.mp3
305-Freddie McGregor-Lovers Rock.mp3
306-Delroy Williams-Sing A Song.mp3
307-Bob Marley-Don't Rock The Boat.mp3
308-Gregory Isaacs-Nobody Knows.mp3
309-Justin Hines-Let Jah Rise.mp3
310-Captain Barkey-Miserable Woman.mp3
311-Wailing Soul-Babylon Back Against The Wall.mp3
312-Gregory Isaacs-Ragamuffin.mp3
313-Heptones-Land Of Love.mp3
314-Beenie Man-Crucifixion.mp3
315-Bob Marley-Nice Time.mp3
316-John Holt-Kiss And Say Goodbye.mp3
317-Ken Boothe-Down By The River.mp3
318-Ricky Grant-Rocky Rocky Road.mp3

This Is The Best Ever Reggae Music - CD 4

401-Freddie McGregor-Sugar Baby.mp3
402-Gregory Isaacs-Lonely Man.mp3
403-The Heptones-Pretty Little Cottage.mp3
404-Barrington Levy-Warm And Sunny Day.mp3
405-Clint Eastwood-Love Story.mp3
406-John Holt-Why Do You Hurt Me So.mp3
407-Dennis Brown-Africa.mp3
408-Dillinger-Cool Operator.mp3
409-Don Carlos-Rivers Of Babylon.mp3
410-Freddie McGregor-Roots Man Skanking.mp3
411-Gregory Isaacs-Too Late.mp3
412-Owen Gray-Island In The Sun.mp3
413-Johnny Clarke as Sly & Robbie-We Are Africa aka Roots Natty Congo.mp3
414-Sugar Minot-Save The Children.mp3

Friday, May 13, 2016

This Is The Best Ever Reggae Music - CD 5

501-Prince Lincoln Thompson-They Know Not Jah.mp3
502-Sasafras-She Need Me.mp3
503-Dennis Brown-Silver World.mp3
504-Don Carlos-Better Must Come.mp3
505-Gregory Isaacs-Thief A Man.mp3
506-Johnny Clarke as Sly & Robbie-Dread Rastafari.mp3
507-Prince Lincoln Thompson-Jungle Fever.mp3
508-Cornell Campbell-No Good Girl.mp3
509-Gregory Isaacs-Story Book Children.mp3
510-Delroy Wilson as Sly & Robbie-Stick By Me.mp3
511-Derrick Morgan-Starting All Over Again.mp3
512-The Heptones-Take Me Darling.mp3
513-John Holt-I've Got To Get Away.mp3
514-Augustus Pablo-Alive And Sounding.mp3

This Is The Best Ever Reggae Music - CD 6

601-The Heptones-Island Woman.mp3
602-John Holt-Treat Me Like A King.mp3
603-Freddie McGregor-Big Ship Sailing.mp3
604-Derrick Morgan-Sensimella.mp3
605-Freddie McGregor-Works Of Jah.mp3
606-Johnny Clarke as Sly & Robbie-Nobody's Business.mp3
607-Cornell Campbell-Susan.mp3
608-Jackie Edwards-Let Me Go Girl.mp3
609-Gregory Isaacs-Don't Let Me Suffer.mp3
610-John Holt-Be My Girl.mp3
611-Jackie Edwards-Angel Of Love.mp3
612-U Brown-Tu Sheang Peng.mp3
613-Horace Andy-Cuss Cuss.mp3
614-Jackie Edwards-On The Beach.mp3

Thursday, May 12, 2016

George Jones - Legendary Country Singers

01-Why, Baby, Why.mp3
02-Color Of The Blues.mp3
03-Tender Years.mp3
04-The Window Up Above.mp3
05-We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds.mp3
06-White Lightning.mp3
07-Things Have Gone To Pieces.mp3
08-She Thinks I Still Care.mp3
09-I'll Share My World With You.mp3
10-The Grand Tour.mp3
11-A Picture Of Me (Without You).mp3
12-The Door.mp3
13-These Days (I Barely Get By).mp3
14-The Race Is On.mp3
15-Walk Through This World With Me.mp3
16-Loving You Could Never Be Better.mp3
17-A Good Year For The Roses.mp3
18-Still Doin' Time.mp3
19-Golden Ring.mp3
20-If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will).mp3
21-Tennessee Whiskey.mp3
22-I Always Get Lucky With You.mp3
23-He Stopped Loving Her Today.mp3
24-Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes.mp3
25-I'm Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down.mp3

Butterbeans & Suzie - The Great Comedy-Blues Team that made jazz history

01-Ballin' the Jack.mp3
02-Get Yourself a Monkey Man.mp3
03-There'll Be Some Changes Made.mp3
04-Construction Gang.mp3
05-I've Got the Blues for Home Sweet Home.mp3
06-A Married Man's a Fool.mp3
07-When My Man Shimmies.mp3
08-Deal Yourself Another Hand.mp3
09-Street Piano.mp3
10-Until the Real Thing Comes Along.mp3
11-Interview - String Band.mp3
12-Interview - Doing Comedy.mp3
13-Interview - Butterbeans.mp3
14-Interview - Home Sweet Home.mp3
15-Interview - Making Records.mp3

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Esquivel - Exploring New Sounds In Stereo

01-My Blue Heaven.mp3
02-Bella Mora.mp3
03-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.mp3
04-Lazy Bones.mp3
06-All Of Me.mp3
08-La Ronde.mp3
09-My Number One Love.mp3
10-The 3rd Man Theme.mp3

Esquivel - Infinity In Sound

01-Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise.mp3
02-Music Makers.mp3
03-My Reverie.mp3
04-Johnson Rag.mp3
05-Harlem Nocturne.mp3
06-Take The A Train.mp3
08-Autumn Leaves.mp3
11-Let's Dance.mp3
12-So Rare.mp3

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chuck Reed - A Southern Boy Sings The Blues

01-Don't Be Ashamed If You Cry.mp3
02-Call Me, Baby.mp3
03-Cry Like A Baby.mp3
04-Love, Love, Love.mp3
05-It's Better To Be A Has Been.mp3
06-What Will You Do.mp3
07-A Southern Boy Sings The Blues.mp3
08-Sugar Corsage.mp3
09-No School Tomorrow.mp3
10-Let's Put Our Hearts Together.mp3
11-That Lucky Old Sun.mp3
12-Talkin' No Trash.mp3

Chase Webster - Moody River 1961-1970

01-Moody River (1961 Original).mp3
02-Could This Be Magic.mp3
03-Sweethearts In Heaven.mp3
04-Like I've Never Been Gone.mp3
05-The Patty Cake.mp3
06-Handful Of Friends.mp3
07-I Can't Walk Away.mp3
08-The Town Sleeps Through It.mp3
09-Suit Case.mp3
10-Cry, Cry, Darling.mp3
11-Strange Places, Strange Faces.mp3
12-The Heartaches That You Gave Me.mp3
13-Moody River (1970 Remake).mp3
14-Honky Tonkin'.mp3

Monday, May 9, 2016

Big Joe Williams at Folk City

01-Mink Coat Blues.mp3
02-Burned Child Is Scared Of Fire.mp3
03-Baby, I Ain't Gonna Let You Go.mp3
04-Trouble Gonna Take Me To My Grave.mp3
05-Bugle Blues.mp3
06-Just Want To Be Your Man.mp3
07-I'm Gonna Do It This Time.mp3
08-She's Doggin' Me.mp3
09-How Do You Want Your Rollin' Done.mp3
10-I Can't Sign My Name.mp3
11-Bottle Up And Go.mp3
12-I'm Tired, Woman.mp3

Mississippi John Hurt - Folksongs and Blues

01-Avalon Blues.mp3
02-Richland Woman Blues.mp3
03-Spike Driver Blues.mp3
04-Salty Dog.mp3
05-Cow Hooking Blues.mp3
06-Spanish Fandango.mp3
07-Casey Jones.mp3
08-Louis Collins.mp3
09-Candy Man.mp3
10-My Creole Belle.mp3
11-Liza Jane (God's Unchanging Hand).mp3
12-Joe Turner Blues.mp3

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown - CD 1

01-Blazer's Boogie.mp3
02-Baby Don't You Cry.mp3
03-Drifting Blues (alternate take).mp3
04-Drifting Blues.mp3
06-You Are My First Love.mp3
07-Race Track Blues.mp3
08-Until The Real Thing Comes Along.mp3
09-Rocks In My Bed.mp3
10-Honey Keep Your Mind On Me.mp3
12-My Last Affair.mp3
13-Homesick Blues.mp3
14-I Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home.mp3
15-Dedicated To You.mp3
16-What A Life.mp3
17-How High The Moon.mp3
18-Ooh! Ooh! Sugar.mp3
19-Get Yourself Another Fool.mp3
20-Baby Do You Know The Game.mp3

The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown - CD 2

01-In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down).mp3
02-It's Nothing.mp3
03-Trouble Blues.mp3
04-I Don't Care Who Knows.mp3
05-When You're Alone.mp3
06-Please Be Kind.mp3
07-A Long Time.mp3
08-My Interpretation Of Love.mp3
09-You Gave Me Everything But Love.mp3
10-So Mistreated.mp3
12-Alley Batting.mp3
13-I Stumbled Over You.mp3
14-Take Me.mp3
15-Let's Have A Ball.mp3
16-Forgive Me.mp3
17-Did You Ever Love A Woman.mp3
19-My Baby's Gone.mp3
20-Repentance Blues.mp3

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown - CD 3

02-One Never Knows, Does One.mp3
03-Texas Blues.mp3
04-It's Rainin'.mp3
05-Don't Fool With My Heart.mp3
06-I've Made Up My Mind.mp3
07-I've Got That Old Feeling.mp3
08-Be Still My Heart.mp3
09-Without The One You Love.mp3
10-Black Night.mp3
11-Seven Long Days.mp3
12-I'll Always Be In Love With You.mp3
13-Once There Lived A Fool.mp3
14-The Message.mp3
15-All My Life.mp3
17-Tender Heart.mp3
18-Still Water.mp3
19-Hard Times.mp3
20-Love Is A Gamble.mp3

The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown - CD 4

01-Evening Shadows.mp3
02-Rollin' Like A Pebble In The Sand.mp3
03-Rising Sun.mp3
04-I Lost Everything.mp3
05-Don't Leave Poor Me (alternate take).mp3
06-Don't Leave Poor Me.mp3
07-Lonesome Feeling.mp3
08-Cryin' And Driftin' Blues.mp3
09-Goodnight My Love.mp3
10-Cryin' Mercy.mp3
11-P.S. I Love You.mp3
12-Let's Walk.mp3
13-Everybody's Got Troubles.mp3
14-My Silent Love.mp3
15-I Want To Fool Around With You.mp3
16-Honey Sipper.mp3
17-By The Bend In The River.mp3
18-I've Been Saving My Love For You.mp3
19-Nite After Nite.mp3
20-Walk With Me.mp3