Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Runaway With Del Shannon - Hats Off To Del Shannon

02-Day Dreams.mp3
03-His Latest Flame.mp3
04-The Prom.mp3
05-The Search.mp3
07-I Wake Up Crying.mp3
08-Wide Wide World.mp3
09-I'll Always Love You.mp3
11-He Doesn't Care.mp3
13-The Swiss Maid.mp3
14-Cry Myself To Sleep.mp3
15-Ginny In The Mirror.mp3
16-You Never Talked About Me.mp3
17-Don't Gild The Lily Lily.mp3
18-I Won't Be There.mp3
19-Hats Off To Larry.mp3
20-The Answer To Everything.mp3
21-Hey! Little Girl.mp3
22-I'm Gonna Move On.mp3
23-I Don't Care Anymore.mp3
24-So Long Bay.mp3
25-Runaway (Single Version).mp3
26-Hats Off To Larry (Stereo Version).mp3
27-Hey! Little Girl (Stereo Version).mp3

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