Monday, May 30, 2016

Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky - The Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 - CD 4

01-In Love Again.mp3
02-Say Mama.mp3
03-Be Bop Boogie Boy.mp3
04-I Can't Believe You Want To Leave.mp3
05-I Got To Get To You Yet.mp3
06-My Heart.mp3
07-The Night Is So Lonely.mp3
08-Beautiful Brown Eyes.mp3
09-Rip It Up.mp3
11-High Blood Pressure.mp3
12-Who's Pushing Your Swing.mp3
14-Gone, Gone, Gone.mp3
15-I Might Have Known.mp3
16-Important Words (Version 2).mp3
17-My Baby Don't Low.mp3
18-Over The Rainbow.mp3
19-Ready Teddy.mp3
20-Vincent's Blues.mp3
21-Pretty Pearly.mp3
22-Accentuate The Positive.mp3
23-She She Little Sheila.mp3
24-Darlene (Version 1).mp3
25-Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive.mp3
26-Crazy Times.mp3
27-Green Back Dollar.mp3
28-Big Fat Saturday Night.mp3
29-Wild Cat.mp3
30-Hot Dollar.mp3
31-Right Here On Earth (Version 1).mp3
32-Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.mp3
33-Everybody's Got A Date But Me.mp3
34-Mitchiko From Tokyo.mp3

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