Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown - CD 4

01-Evening Shadows.mp3
02-Rollin' Like A Pebble In The Sand.mp3
03-Rising Sun.mp3
04-I Lost Everything.mp3
05-Don't Leave Poor Me (alternate take).mp3
06-Don't Leave Poor Me.mp3
07-Lonesome Feeling.mp3
08-Cryin' And Driftin' Blues.mp3
09-Goodnight My Love.mp3
10-Cryin' Mercy.mp3
11-P.S. I Love You.mp3
12-Let's Walk.mp3
13-Everybody's Got Troubles.mp3
14-My Silent Love.mp3
15-I Want To Fool Around With You.mp3
16-Honey Sipper.mp3
17-By The Bend In The River.mp3
18-I've Been Saving My Love For You.mp3
19-Nite After Nite.mp3
20-Walk With Me.mp3

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