Friday, May 6, 2016

The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown - CD 5

01-My Heart Is Mended.mp3
02-Hot Lips And Seven Kisses.mp3
03-I See By The Papers.mp3
04-Fool's Paradise.mp3
05-Trees, Trees.mp3
06-One Minute To One.mp3
07-Please Don't Drive Me Away.mp3
09-Knock Me A Kiss.mp3
10-I'll Always Be In Love With You (1956 release).mp3
11-Soothe Me.mp3
12-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie.mp3
13-Please Believe Me.mp3
14-There Is No Greater Love.mp3
15-Merry Christmas, Baby.mp3
16-You Taught Me To Love.mp3
17-Get Yourself Another Fool.mp3
18-All Is Forgiven.mp3

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