Friday, May 6, 2016

San Francisco Jazz - The Flexo Recordings 1930-1932

01-Jack Coakley-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp3
02-Jack Coakley-Wabash Blues.mp3
03-Jack Coakley-Walking My Baby Back Home.mp3
04-Jack Coakley-Cheer Up.mp3
05-Jack Coakley-My Future Just Passed.mp3
06-Lew Reynolds-Headin' For Better Times.mp3
07-Lew Reynolds-You're The One I Care For.mp3
08-Lew Reynolds-At Last I'm Happy.mp3
09-Lew Reynolds-Smile When The Raindrops Fall.mp3
10-Lew Reynolds-I'm No Account Any More.mp3
11-Tom Smith And Dudd Williamson-My Baby Just Cares For Me.mp3
12-Fay Elliot-Come Easy Go Easy Love.mp3
13-George Druck-Tiger Rag.mp3
14-Lew Reynolds-Jazz Me Blues.mp3
15-Lew Reynolds-Oh My Love.mp3
16-Lew Reynolds-What A Fool I've Been.mp3
17-Lew Reynolds-You Don't Need Glasses.mp3
18-Lew Reynolds-We're Friends Again.mp3
19-Lew Reynolds-You're Driving Me Crazy.mp3
20-Lew Reynolds-Ho Hum.mp3
21-Goodwin Goldie-Ya Got Love.mp3
22-Goodwin Goldie-By A Lazy Country Lane.mp3
23-Unknown Band-Call Of The Freaks; Darktown Strutter's Ball; Nobody's Sweetheart.mp3

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  1. I have this CD, a good one! For fans of Hal Roach comedies (especially Charlie Chase- his theme song), this contains "Smile When the Raindrops Fall", the only other record of this song I know of was by the Imperial Dance Orchestra.