Saturday, June 4, 2016

Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music

01-Paul Ryan-Ballina Lass, Sligo Maid (Reels).mp3
02-Paddy Killoran, Paddy Sweeney-Mullingar Races, Boys On The Hilltop.mp3
03-Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players-Shaskeen And Green Blanket (Reels).mp3
04-Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players-Rick's,  Byrnes' (Hornpipes).mp3
05-Frank O'Higgins-Reels -  Farewell To Erin,  Irish Molly, The Flogging.mp3
06-Frank O'Higgins-Jigs - The Maid At The Spinning Wheel, Do You Want Any More.mp3
07-Frank O'Higgins-Reels - Kitty's Gone A-Milking, The Dog Among The Bushes, The Merry Sisters.mp3
08-Neil O'Boyle-Reels - The Pigeon On The Gate,  Jenny Picking Cockles.mp3
09-Aughrim Slopes Ceilidhe Band-Killaghbeg House, First House In Connaught (Reels).mp3
10-Daniel P. Moroney, Micheael C. Hanafin-Groves Hornpipe.mp3
11-Michael Coleman-Trim The Velvet (Irish Reel).mp3
12-Michael Coleman-Wellington Reels.mp3
13-Moate Ceilidhe Band-Jerry's Beaver Hat,  Maid In The Meadow (Jigs).mp3
14-Moate Ceilidhe Band-Reels -  Sheehans, The Travellers.mp3
15-James Morrison, Tom Ennis, John Muller-Irish Jig Medley.mp3
16-James Morrison-Flax In Bloom, The Millstone, The Dairy Maids Reel.mp3
17-Michael Gorman-The Jolly Tinker Reel.mp3
18-Michael Gorman-Reels -  Down The Broom, The Pigeon On The Gate.mp3
19-Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players-Queen Of The Fair (Double Jig).mp3
20-Ballinaakill Traditonal Dance Players-Flogging Reel And Whelan's Reel.mp3
21-Halpin Trio-Rogha-An-Fhile (Poets Choice).mp3
22-Hugh Gillespie-Dowds Number Nine, Jakson's (Medley Of Reels).mp3
23-Hugh Gillespie-Master Crowley's Reel.mp3
24-Michael Gorman-Reels - The Sligo Maid, Molloys.mp3
25-Michael Gorman-Reel - Bonny Kate.mp3

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