Sunday, June 5, 2016

Packie Dolan - The Forgotten Fiddle Player Of The 1920s

01-(Reels) McFadden's (The Ewe Reel, McFadden's Favourite).mp3
02-(Hornpipe) The Grove Hornpipe (The Liverpool Hornpipe).mp3
03-(Song) Mother Malone.mp3
04-(Highland Flings) Miss Ramsey (Stirling Castle, Lady Mary Ramsey's Strathspey).mp3
05-(Reel) Fitzmaurice's Flight (The Heather Breeze).mp3
06-(Jig) The Fair at Drumlish  (Saddle the Pony, Rakes of Kildare).mp3
07-(Reel) The Windy Gap (Ah Surely).mp3
08-(Song) A Drink in the Morn.mp3
09-(Reels) The Lady of the House (The Woman of the House, Ballinasloe Fair).mp3
10-(Reels) The Duke of Leinster (The Duke of Leinster, The Lady's Pantalettes).mp3
11-(Song) Erin's Green Shore.mp3
12-(Reels) The Steampacket (The Steampacket, The Flogging Reel).mp3
13-(Jigs) The Cavan Lassies (The Humours of Ennistymon, Delaney's Drummers).mp3
14-(Reel) Mullin's Fancy (The Boys of Ballinahinch).mp3
15-(Highland Fling) Lasses of Donnibrook (The Keel Row, Love Will You Marry Me).mp3
16-(Reels) The Blackhaired Lass (The Blackhaired Lass, The Dublin Reel).mp3
17-(Song) One, Two, Three.mp3
18-(Jig) Royal Charlie (Behind the Bush in the Garden).mp3
19-(Hornpipes) The Royal Stack of Barley (The Stack of Barley, Bantry Bay).mp3
20-(Schottische) The Killarney Wonder.mp3
21-(Hornpipe) The First of May.mp3
22-(Reel) The Kilkenny Reel (The Reel of Mullinavat).mp3
23-(Reels) The Irish Girl (The Irish Girl, The Blue Breeches).mp3

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  1. Thanks again for the continuing series of prewar Irish music