Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Classic Blues, Jazz & Vaudeville Singers - Volume 4 - 1921-1928 - More Alternate Takes

01-Lillyn Brown-If That's What You Want, Here It Is.mp3
02-Lillyn Brown-If That's What You Want, Here It Is.mp3
03-Lillyn Brown-Ever Lovin' Blues.mp3
04-Lillyn Brown-Bad-Land Blues.mp3
05-Eliza Christmas Lee-I Ain't Givin' Nothin' Away.mp3
06-Eliza Christmas Lee-Arkansas Blues.mp3
07-Marion Harrison-Baby, Can't You Understand.mp3
08-Marion Harrison-So Blue.mp3
09-Marion Harrison-So Blue.mp3
10-J. Churchill-Mad Man Blues.mp3
11-Josie Harley-I'm Through With You As I Can Be.mp3
12-Josie Harley-A.M. Blues.mp3
13-Helen Baxter-Cruel Back Bittin' Blues.mp3
14-Helen Baxter-You Got Ev'ry Thing A Sweet Mama Needs.mp3
15-Mandy Lee-If Your Man Is Like My Man.mp3
16-Viola McCoy-Midnight Blues.mp3
17-Lena Wilson-I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me.mp3
18-Lillian Harris-Down Hearted Blues.mp3
19-Edna Hicks-I'm Goin' Away.mp3
20-Edna Hicks-You've Got Everything A Sweet Mamma Needs But Me.mp3
21-Gladys Bryant-Beale Street Mamma.mp3
22-Faye Barnes-The Gouge Of Armour Avenue.mp3
23-Bessie Brown-Nobody But My Baby Is Getting My Love.mp3
24-Bessie Brown-St. Louis Blues.mp3
25-Bessie Brown-Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone.mp3

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