Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Richer Tradition - Country Blues and String Band Music 1923-1937 - CD D

01-Tom Dickson-Labor Blues.mp3
02-Lottie Kimbrough-Goin' Away Blues.mp3
03-Charlie Kyle-No Baby.mp3
04-William Harris-Early Mornin' Blues.mp3
05-Willie Reed-Dreaming Blues.mp3
06-George Carter-Weeping Willow Blues.mp3
07-Hambone Willie Newbern-Way Down In Arkansas.mp3
08-Lonnie Coleman-Wild About My Loving.mp3
09-Freezone-Indian Squaw Blues.mp3
10-Edward Thompson-Florida Bound.mp3
11-Eli Framer-God Didn't Make Me No Monkey Man.mp3
12-Mattie Delaney-Tallahatchie River Blues.mp3
13-Jim Jam (Walter Taylor)-Diamond Ring Blues.mp3
14-Jim Thompson-Bedside Blues.mp3
15-Willie Harris-Lonesome Midnight Dream.mp3
16-John Byrd-Billy Goat Blues.mp3
17-Arthur Pettis-That Won't Do.mp3
18-George Carter-Ghost Woman Blues.mp3
19-Gene Campbell-''Toby'' Woman Blues.mp3
20-Jack Gowdlock-Rollin' Dough Blues.mp3
21-Bob Campbell-Starvation Farm Blues.mp3
22-Carl Martin-Farewell To You Baby.mp3
23-Louie Lasky-Teasin' Brown Blues.mp3
24-George Torey-Married Woman Blues.mp3
25-Virgil Childers-Dago Blues.mp3

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