Wednesday, June 8, 2016

James F. Dickie's Delights

01-The Cairdin' o't; Highland Donald.mp3
02-Francis Sitwell.mp3
03-Hard Is My Fate; Good Wife Admit the Wanderer.mp3
04-The Dean Brig o' Edinburgh.mp3
05-Glencoe; The Trumpet; Banks.mp3
06-The Smith's Waltz.mp3
07-Mulhill's; The Laird o' Drumblair; The Baker Reel.mp3
08-The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord.mp3
09-The Peterhead Polka.mp3
10-The Braes o' Auchtertyre; Leaving the Glen.mp3
11-The Miller of Drone; J.F. Dickie's Reel.mp3
12-Bovaglie's Plaid; South of the Grampians; Good Old John.mp3
13-MacPherson's Rant.mp3
14-Madam Frederick; Earl Grey.mp3
15-Whistle O'er the Lave o't; The White Cockade.mp3

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