Thursday, June 23, 2016

Johnny Dunn & Edith Wilson - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Volume 1 - 1921-1922

01-Nervous Blues.mp3
02-Vampin' Liza Jane.mp3
03-Old Time Blues.mp3
05-I Don't Want Nobody Blues.mp3
06-The West Texas Blues.mp3
07-Bugle Blues.mp3
08-Birmingham Blues.mp3
09-Wicked Blues.mp3
10-Birmingham Blues.mp3
11-Put And Take.mp3
12-Moanful Blues.mp3
13-Mammy, I'm Think Of You.mp3
14-Take It 'Cause It's All Yours.mp3
15-He May Be Your Man.mp3
16-Rules And Regulations.mp3
17-Lonesome Mama Blues.mp3
18-What Do You Care.mp3
19-Hawaiian Blues.mp3
20-Four O'clock Blues.mp3
21-Evil Blues.mp3
22-Pensacola Blues.mp3

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  1. Many thanks for the opportunity to hear these rare tracks...