Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ella Fitzgerald-Ella & Her Fellas Disc Two

01-A Kiss Goodnight.mp3
02-Mama,Come Home.mp3
03-Cow-Cow Boogie.mp3
04-Oh Yes,Take Another Guess.mp3
05-Dedicated To You.mp3
06-The Frim Fram Sauce.mp3
07-I Was Doin' All Right.mp3
08-I'm Beginning To See The Light.mp3
09-I'm Confessin'(That I Love You).mp3
10-All My Life.mp3
11-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.mp3
12-You Won't Be Satisfied.mp3
13-It's A Pity To Say Goodnight.mp3
14-I Didn't Mean A Word I Said.mp3

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  1. Fez, thank you for sharing all things, Ella Fitzgerald...the best.