Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Roy Brown - Blues Deluxe

01-Cadillac Baby.mp3
02-Hard Luck Blues.mp3
03-New Rebecca.mp3
04-Sweet Peach.mp3
05-Love Don't Love Nobody.mp3
06-Dreaming Blues.mp3
07-Good Man Blues.mp3
08-Too Much Lovin' Ain't No Good.mp3
09-Teenage Jamboree.mp3
10-Train Time Blues.mp3
11-Bar Room Blues.mp3
12-Long About Sundown.mp3
13-Beautician Blues.mp3
14-Drum Boogie.mp3
15-Double Crossin' Woman.mp3
16-Swingin' With Johnny.mp3
17-Wrong Woman Blues.mp3
18-Good Rockin' Man.mp3
19-I've Got The Last Laugh Now.mp3
20-Big Town.mp3
21-Brown Angel.mp3
22-Rock-A-Bye Baby.mp3
23-Lonesome Lover.mp3
24-Answer To Big Town.mp3


  1. Fez,
    Sorry about the mess above - fourth time lucky!!
    I'm curious as to where this cover came from - guy in the picture is jazz bassist RAY Brown. Correct sleeve can be seen here -
    Really enjoy your site - keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Daddy Cool,
    Yeah, unfortunately this is the original cover from when this CD was first issued, you will see in the folder a scan of the front and back. I wasn't aware they corrected it later, so I just went with it! Thanks for pointing out the "new improved" version. There were a lot of such instances on early European "copyright expiration" CDs. I had a European Bob Wills CD with a picture of Bob clearly playing a fiddle titled "Country's Legendary Guitar Genius"! Oh well, A for effort!