Monday, April 11, 2016

Wynonie Harris v. Roy Brown - Battle Of The Blues

01-Mr. Blues Is Coming To Town.mp3
02-Cadillac Baby.mp3
03-Good Rocking Tonight.mp3
04-Too Much Lovin' Ain't No Good.mp3
05-Rock Mr. Blues.mp3
06-Hard Luck Blues.mp3
07-Bloodshot Eyes.mp3
08-My Gal From Kokomo.mp3
09-Just Like Two Drops Of Water.mp3
10-Big Town.mp3
11-Luscious Woman.mp3
12-Rock-A-Bye Baby.mp3
13-Lovin' Machine.mp3
14-Black Diamond.mp3
15-Keep On Churnin' (Till The Butter Comes).mp3
16-Ain't No Rockin' No More.mp3
17-Good Morning Judge.mp3
18-Fannie Brown Got Married.mp3
19-Quiet Whiskey.mp3
20-Shake 'Em Up Baby.mp3
21-Down Boy Down.mp3
22-Good Looking And Foxy Too.mp3

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