Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hoosier Hot Shots - Everybody Stomp - Disc 3

01-Like A Monkey Likes Cocoanuts.mp3
02-From The Indies To The Andies In His Undies.mp3
03-Look On The Bright Side.mp3
04-Willie Willie Will Ya.mp3
05-Are You Havin' Any Fun.mp3
06-Put On Your Old Red Flannels.mp3
07-Sam The College Leader Man.mp3
08-The Pants My Pappy Gave To Me.mp3
09-He'd Have To Get Under Get Out And Get Under.mp3
10-In An Old Dutch Garden (By An Old Dutch Mill).mp3
11-Connie's Got Connections In Connecticut.mp3
13-Big Noise From Kokomo.mp3
14-Ma She's Makin' Eyes At Me.mp3
16-Moving Day In Jungle Town.mp3
17-It's A Lonely Trail.mp3
19-Who's Sorry Now.mp3
20-No No Nora.mp3
22-Diga Diga Do.mp3
23-The Kitten With The Big Green Eyes.mp3
24-Everybody Loves My Baby.mp3
25-The Guy Who Stole My Wife.mp3

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