Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hank Penny - Flamin' Mamie 1938-1941

01-Flamin' Mamie.mp3
02-I've Got The Right Key Baby.mp3
03-Cheatin' On You Baby.mp3
04-She's Just That Kind.mp3
05-Blue Melody.mp3
06-Yankee Doodle.mp3
07-The Last Goodbye.mp3
08-Tonight You Belong To Me.mp3
09-You're So Different.mp3
10-Black Eyed Susie.mp3
11-Take It Slow And Easy.mp3
12-I Told Them All About You.mp3
13-Just A Message.mp3
14-Just Forget.mp3
15-I Don't Love Anybody But You.mp3
16-Looking For Someone To Love.mp3
17-Just For Old Time's Sake.mp3
18-One Of Us Was Wrong.mp3
19-They're All Just The Same To Me.mp3
20-I Hate To Lose You.mp3
21-Walking Home From An Old Country School.mp3
22-Steel Guitar Hula.mp3
24-Why Did I Cry.mp3
25-Standing 'Neath The Old Pine Tree.mp3
26-Army Blues.mp3
27-Off To Honolulu.mp3
28-Midnight Blues.mp3

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