Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Roy Brown - Good Rockin' Brown - The King & Deluxe Acetate Series

01-Good Rockin' Tonight.mp3
02-Lolly Pop Mama.mp3
03-Special Lesson No 1.mp3
04-Woman's A Wonderful Thing.mp3
05-Roy Brown Boogie.mp3
06-Please Don't Go.mp3
07-Mighty, Mighty Man.mp3
08-Deep Sea Diver.mp3
09-Cry Baby Blues.mp3
10-Miss Fanny Brown.mp3
11-Farm Town Gal.mp3
12-I'm The Man Who Sings The Blues.mp3
13-Bye Baby Bye.mp3
14-Jailhouse Blues.mp3
15-Looking For A Woman.mp3
16-Whose Hat Is That.mp3
17-My Mama's Boy Friend.mp3
18-Wine Women And Song.mp3
19-Midnight Rider.mp3
20-The Gal's Drunk Again.mp3
21-'Long About Midnight.mp3
22-Miss Fanny Brown Returns.mp3
23-Roy Brown Boogie (Version 2).mp3
24-Whose Hat Is That (Alt).mp3

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  1. Now that you've given the royal treatment to Roy Brown, how about paying the same attention to Charles Brown? I still argue he was the greatest blues crooner of all time and wait in vain for someone who shares my opinion to post the long o.p. Mosaic Charles Brown Aladdin Recordings box set. Hint, hint. By the way, this is a great site. Thanks. You're giving the world real treasure!